Aimedis Rolls Out AIM Healthcare Cryptocurrency

May 30, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Sometimes technological developments have a strange way of intersecting. Wearable tech and mobile payments did that job not so long ago, and now, we’re about to see cryptocurrency and healthcare intersect. Okay, we’re about to see it again—I remember you, Dentacoin—thanks to word dropped our way from Germany’s Aimedis about its upcoming AIM token release.

Aimedis is a firm that brings together blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to produce an eHealth platform, one that gives patients a whole new way to interact with doctors on a wide range of topics. Of course, any healthcare application still has to be paid for—and generally through the nose these days—so Aimedis is looking to bring out the AIM token. Aimedis plans to use the proceeds from the token’s sales to finance an expansion plan into the international market.

Those who buy into the Aimedis token expansion, meanwhile, will be able to do so at a premium. There’s not only a 20 percent presale bonus, reports note, but also a five percent early-bird premium for those who purchase their tokens through Czech investment house BRIC INVEST.

Naturally, there’s a lot that goes into eHealth operations, particularly in terms of securing data in such a fashion that it’s accessible to those who actually need to use it. That requires plenty of investment by itself, and that’s before the issues of infrastructure come into play. So AIM is rolling out 300 million AIM tokens valued at $0.12 US each, a move that will net the company about $36 million at full sales.

There’s no doubt that ehealth operations are notable in their own right. Just ask any rural dweller who’s ever tried to find a psychiatrist within a half-hour’s drive of their home and you’ll see the value there. Like anything else, it takes money to expand, and offering a cryptocurrency might be just the way to go. It’s somewhat easier than a stock offering, even with the new rules coming into play, and for the end user it might be a big seller, especially if the coin is used to directly interact with the system.

Only time will tell how well this works, but with plenty of investors chasing “the next bitcoin”, AIM might well have a substantial run-up.