Walmart Files Patent Application Effectively New Mobile Payments Tool In A Crypto Coin

It’s not specifically called “WalmartCoin” yet, but that’s the phrase that’s getting bandied around on more than one front. A recently-filed application with the US Patent and Trademark Office makes it clear that Walmart wants a shot at the cryptocurrency market, and is planning to follow in Facebook’s steps with Libra to get there. The … Read more

MovoCash’s MovoChain Means Rapid Mobile Payments With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has always been stuck somewhere between genius and madness, with mainstream use looking a little less like an impossible fantasy with every passing day. In fact, we’ve recently landed word about a new move that could help advance cryptocurrency’s mainstream use: MovoChain, from MovoCash. MovoCash–the folks behind the MOVO mobile payments app and now … Read more

Social Media Blockchain Steem Issues $1.3 Million Payout To Steemit Users

Steemit, the burgeoning social media platform, gave its users a big reason to celebrate this past Independence Day weekend with a special reward distribution. On July 4th, Steemit allocated digital currency payouts totaling approximately $1.3 million, which represents 10% of Steem’s current market cap, to its community of users. This distribution marked a significant milestone … Read more