Innovative payments innovator, Saxo Payments, is the winner of the Best B2B Payments Platform at this year's FinTech Breakthrough Awards.
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Lisk is a decentralized blockchain application platform, and it recently released their quarterly financial report.
The alternative to Bitcoin has formed a union with Irish-based discount gift card platform BitCart to allow users access to significant o...
UBS' Twint app offers mobile payment to anyone with a UBS account or Swiss credit card.
Except for Venmo, reports note, the young and trendy don't seem inclined to use mobile payments.
Some breaking news just in from New York as a U.S. federal jury has unanimously awarded $2.78 in damages to former MasterCard Internation...
AFEX has gotten together with Ecovis to integrate its online global payment management tool.
i2c together with Bento for Business today announced they plan to deliver a sophisticated prepaid card solution to give small business ow...
Just today, Plaid and Dwolla announced a new partnership to offer a fully tokenized ACH payment integration.
New reports from the Bangladeshi government says a new nationwide mobile payments system should be in place in early 2018.
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Plastc's crowdfunded plans for an all-in-one card brought in big money, but left little to show for it.
Mastercard cardholders will be thrilled to have a chance to win a trip for two to the 2017 MLB All-Star Game in Miami when they use their...
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When it comes to cash, you need to tread lightly. When your entire business is about money – the control, addition and collection of it...
DH Corporation is a leading provider of technology solutions to financial institutions globally, and it recently made news regarding the ...
Word from Persistence Market Research says the consumer mobile payment market is seeing big growth already, and will for some time to com...
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