Disability Benefit Payment Update: Know About June Payment Schedule for SSDI

Disability Benefit Payment is provided to American citizens with disability. Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI) is for citizen of America who is disabled and not able to work will receive some specific amount to manage their financial expenses. Social Security Administration (SSA) categorised Social Security Payment Date in two. SSDI Payment and different information related to eligibility criteria, payment schedule will be discussed. Disability Benefit Payment Update is properly discussed that can help to understand dates when American can receive the payment and relevant information is covered. 

Disability Benefit Payment Update

People with disability who are not able to work and earn require some financial support. Therefore, SSA has issues SSDI Payment Schedule for the June according to birth date and years. Beneficiaries with birth date before May 1997 are able to get Disability Benefit Payment on the first of month, until and unless there is holiday. It can be schedule one day later or next upcoming working day. Beneficiaries who born after May 1997 are able to get payment according to their birth date. 

For people born between first day and tenth day of month are eligible to get payment on second week of Wednesday. People with birth date between eleventh day and twenty day are able to get payment on third Wednesday of month. For people born between twentieth one and thirty first can receive payment on fourth Wednesday of this month. However, second Wednesday of June is federal holiday. So, payment will receive a day before on Tuesday. 

SSDI Payment Schedule for June – Overview

TitleDisability Benefit Payment Update
Country USA
Department Social Security Administration (SSA)
BeneficiariesPeople with Disabilities 
Amount Depends on various factors
CategoryFinancial Aid
Payment Date3rd June, 12th June, 18th June, 26th June (According to birth year and date)
Official Websiteswww.ssa.gov

Eligibility to Receive Disability Benefit Payment in USA

Social Security Disability Insurance can be provided to individual with disability. Since, it is not for everyone therefore, some eligibility criteria is set by federal government. Eligibility criteria to receive benefits from SSDI Program are discussed further. 

  • You must be permanent resident of America to get benefit of disability benefits payment.
  • You must possess Social Security Number (SSN).
  • You must be aged 19 or above. 
  • Beneficiary must be minimum age of 62 and will provided with full benefits at age 67. 
  • Applicant must submit previous year income tax return.
  • People who paid taxes and contributed annually are also eligible to receive this financial aid after retirement when they are not able to work either due to different illness or injury. 
  • Disabled person must submit proof of disability to get SSDI Payment that should be signed by any authorised healthcare professional. 
  • Any individual who have a disability but have worked for minimum of 10 years is also eligible to receive SSDI Payment. 
Disability Benefit Payment Update: Know About June Payment Schedule for SSDI

Disable people must fall under specific conditions for SSDI Payment June 2024

People with disability may have different condition such as mental condition and physical condition. SSA has provides some category which can be recognised to measure individual disability to meet the eligibility for SSDI Payment. These measures are discussed below. 

Physical disability 

  • Individual with musculoskeletal system disorder such as chronic pain, arthritis and back injuries are considered as physically disabled. 
  • Individual with cardiovascular disorder like heart failure, heart disease that resist individual to work for income also comes under physical disability. 
  • Any person with neurological disorder like Brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease are also not able to work for income and fall under physical disability. 
  • Any individual with respiratory disorders such as Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) should not be able to work and comes under eligibility criteria to receive disability benefits payment. 

Mental disability

People with any type of mental illness such as anxiety, depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder resist people to work for income. These conditions require proper healthcare support and individual is not able to work for income. Thus, such people with mental or emotional disorders are not able to work and fall under criteria to receive SSDI Payment. 

Disability Payment schedule for June 2024

Any individual with disability who is eligible to receive the Disability Benefit Payment need to know the schedule to receive payment that can help them to manage their financial expenses. SSA has categorised the payment schedule in two different forms that is discussed below. 

People who born before May, 1997.

Any beneficiary who has born before May, 1997 has a particular data to receive payment. SSA distributes this SSDI Payment on first of June. Since, 31st May is Friday and not the first day of month, Disability Benefit Payment will distribute later. However, 1st of June is Saturday and 2nd June is Sunday, both are non-working day and 3rd June is first day of working in June. Therefore, beneficiaries receive disability benefits payment on 3rd June. 

People who born after May, 1997

Any eligible beneficiary, who had born after May, 1997 will receive Disability Benefit Payment according to data of birth. SSDI Payment date according to date of birth is follows. 

Birth dateSSDI Payment date
1st to 10th 12th June
11th to 20th 18th June
21st to 31st 26th June

June 19 is federal holiday in United States. Therefore, it is adjusted to June 18. Juneteenth National Independence Day is celebrated annually on June 19. 

SSDI Payment benefits wait time

When any individual get disabled they should apply as soon as possible to get benefit under SSDI Payment. 

  • SSDI Payment secures five months waiting period before providing benefits of SSDI Payment. Waiting period began after passed month when disability begins. 

For example- If you get confirmation for disability on July 10, 2024. Then you are eligible to apply to receive Disability Benefit Payment and applied on August 1, 2024. Then, after five months waiting period, you will receive SSDI Payment for January, 2025 sixth full month of disability. 

  • Waiting period can be avoided when disability result from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Individual must get benefit for first month that after the date mentioned during filling claim under SSDI Payment. 

For example- Your disability gets confirmed on March 15, 2024 and you file application to receive benefits of SSDI Payment on May 5, 2024. Then, SSA will pay first month benefits for the full month of disability that is April 2024. 

This Social Security Disability Insurance benefit will pay for following month after completion of month. It means SSDI Payment for May will receive on June and so on. 

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