Last Stimulus Check Update: Who is Eligible for Checks Mailing out this Month?

U.S. citizens are despairing looking for Stimulus Check Update for June 2024. They have keen eye to get an update for the Stimulus check. Since, Stimulus check is one of the ways to boost country economy through providing support to economic class who are earning less than $75,000.

Stimulus Check Contributes to uplift their spending power that enhances economy. From last several years, government has not planned to provide stimulus check to their citizens. Therefore, it is quite disappointing for citizens but expecting some official announcement. 

Last Stimulus Check Update

Anticipation for arrival of stimulus check causes some rumours. People are highly excited for Arrival of Stimulus Check in June 2024. Different states focuses to continue alternative for this stimulus payment. Therefore, some states such as Delaware, Georgia and Pennsylvania have decided to help their residents through offering direct payment to overcome economic inflation and challenges. Different information is mentioned to understand about alternative of Stimulus Check.

IRS Last Stimulus Check for June 2024 – Overview

Article OnLast Stimulus Check Update
DepartmentInternal Revenue Service (IRS)
BeneficiaryCitizens of America
AmountVary by State Department
Last Stimulus Check Payment DateAnnouncing Shortly

IRS Stimulus Check Eligibility 2024

Last Stimulus Check Update: Who is Eligible for Checks Mailing out this Month?

Eligibility criteria in Delaware for Stimulus Check

  • To get benefited under The Delaware Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, individual must have meet provided criteria. 
  • Should have resident of Delaware and possess driving licence of Delaware. 
  • Any active-duty military person should have temporary residential address of Delaware who may have other state as permanent address. 
  • Any business organisation with both address and physical location in Delaware are eligible to get rebate. 
  • Universities, colleges and schools located in Delaware state are also eligible to get rebate under this stimulus check.

Eligibility criteria in Georgia for Stimulus Check

  • Individual must be resident of Atlanta state. Address located outside city of Atlanta is not considered as resident of Atlanta.
  • Individual must be 18 years old or above. 
  • Individual must submit online application between June 16 and June 23.
  • When receive e-bike rebate, individual must go through document verification for ensure eligibility. 

Eligibility criteria in Pennsylvania for Stimulus Check

  • Individual must be aged 65 or above.
  • Applicant widows and widowers must be aged 50 and above.
  • Individual with disability should be aged 18 and older. 
  • Household income must be $45,000 or lower annually.

IRS application deadline updates

Delaware application deadline for stimulus check

Delaware applicant for rebate under The Delaware Clean Vehicle Rebate Program must ensure that they should apply within 90 days of purchasing of battery electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Vehicle purchased before April 30, 2024 may still get rebate under previous guidelines. Official departmental websites is

Georgia application deadline for stimulus check

People are Atlanta must ensure that they should submit their application between June 16 and June 23, 2024. It is the time provided to apply for rebate under Atlanta e-bike rebate program. Individual may visit official departmental website

Pennsylvania application deadline for stimulus check

Application from year 2023 have due date of December 31, 2024. However, June 30 is the deadline for every year. But in case of availability of extra fund, it can be extend up to December 31. You may visit departmental website

Rebate amount under Stimulus Check

  • Rebate amount for Delaware is Up to $2,500.
  • Rebate amount for Atlanta, Georgia is Up to $2000.
  • Rebate for Pennsylvania is Up to $1,000.

States receiving Different stimulus payments

Various states has taken initiative to provide financial benefits to their citizen to improve economic growth and support to overcome inflation. Some state government such as Delaware, Georgia and Pennsylvania has taken an effective initiative to provide direct payment in form of rebate. 

Delaware Stimulus Check

State government has implemented “Clean Vehicle Rebate Program” to reduce greenhouse gases and improve state air quality. It also promotes innovation in transportation sector and encourages citizen to buy new battery electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. States government allows to secure rebate of up to $2,500 during purchasing electric vehicle. This program is extended until April, 2025.

This program provides financial support through offering rebate during purchasing plug-in hybrids or battery electric vehicles. Government has utilised smart approach to focus on scaling back type of vehicle that is accepted. It includes the condition that rebate must be applied within 90 days of vehicle purchase date. More information can be collected through official website of

Georgia Stimulus Check

Georgia of Atlanta has implemented “Atlanta E-bike rebate program” that is designed to promote purchasing of e-bikes. It provides $1,000 rebated for make purchasing of e-bike in June 2024. Eligible citizen need to present proof of residency to quality and apply for one-week lottery that will open on June 16. This program encourages people to make purchase of e-bike that can increase transportation in the city’s streets and contribute in reducing carbon footprint.

One-third of the purchase comes under the rebate amount. Any individual with earnings of $54,000 or less annually can be get benefits of $1,500 – $2,000 for e-bike. Higher income applicants can also get some rebate which may vary from $500 to $1000 for e-bike. More information can be gathered through official website of ARC.

Pennsylvania Stimulus Check

Pennsylvania government offers an opportunity to receive direct payment through Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program. Under this program citizen of Pennsylvania and people with disability were able to get benefited through this program. It was initially set for June 30. This deadline is further extended by Governor Josh Shapiro by six month.

Moreover, standard rebate has also been increased from $650 to $1,000. This rebate can depends on income where eligible older adults and disabled people age 18 and older are eligible to participate in this program. More information can be collected through official Pennsylvania government website. 

Supplemental rebate for Pennsylvania

People may get eligible for supplemental rebated when annual income is $30,000 or less and have property taxes above 15% of total income or living in some specific location such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Scranton. People with income $8000 or below can get standard rebate of $1000 and supplement rebate of $500 which makes total rebate of $1,500.

Moreover, people income between $8,001 and $15,000 can get standard rebate of $770 and supplement rebate of $385 which makes total of $1,155. Income between $15,001 and $18,000 gets standard rebate $460 and supplement rebate $230 which makes total of $690. Citizen income between $18,001 and $30,000 will get standard rebated of $380 and supplement $190 which make total of $570. 

Rebate for Georgia (Atlanta)

Citizen of Atlanta may get different criteria for the rebate that includes income qualified residents and other residents who do not qualified under certain income. Thus, Income-qualified residents get $1,500 rebated when they purchase standard e-bike and get $2,000 when purchase Cargo e-bike. For other residents when people make purchase of e-bike they are eligible to get $500 and when purchase cargo e-bike they are eligible to get rebated of $1,000. 

Selection of beneficiary for Atlanta e-bike rebate program lottery 

Lottery process will be performed for selection of participants who can get rebate on purchase of e-bike. When they get selected, they need to provide proof of residency, age and identity and other documentation to ensure income. All the information will be shared on email and rebate code will be provided to use on Atlanta bike shops. A list of shops will be available on website mentioned in email and provided with 90 day to redeem the code to get benefit. 

Stimulus check alternatives

IRS has no any update for Stimulus Check from long time and people excitement is highly increasing over time. Therefore, several states have decided to offer alternative for stimulus check. It involves direct payments to residents in form of rebate or refund. Each state utilised different technique to offer direct payment to their citizens to improve their economic contribution.

States like Delaware, Georgia and Pennsylvania has uses some specific program that contributes in direct payment to boost economy and tackle inflation. Several state government offer rebate and refund over different program to citizen to address inflation and boost economy. 

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