$698 Stimulus Payment Approved for Seniors: Know Status & Who is Eligible?

The lower middle-class and middle-class individuals in the United States of America are impacted negatively as a result of the increased rate of inflation. Senior citizens and individuals with low income who are seeking some assistance and confronting financial instability are affected in a severe manner. The government of the United States is known for putting several initiatives and programs in place to support their residents by offering them $698 Stimulus Payment Approved for Seniors.

However, no new set of stimulus checks has been permitted by the Department of Treasury. As a COVID-19 relief package part which was authorized by Congress in 2020 and 2021, 3 sets of stimulus payments of the overall amount of $1200, $1400, and $600 were provided to almost 160 million taxpayers in the United States. 

$698 Stimulus Payment Approved for Seniors

As per the Internal Revenue Service, submission of the tax return of 2023 is the sole method for claiming any rebate credit that the individual has missed in the year 2020 or 2021. Until 17th May 2024, individuals can claim the credit for 2020, and 15th April 2025 is the final date on which individuals can claim the credit for 2021.

$698 Stimulus Payment: Overview

Post$698 Stimulus Payment Approved for Seniors
AuthorityInternal Revenue Service (IRS)
CountryUnited States of America
BeneficiarySenior citizens

Eligibility for $698 Stimulus Payment Approved for Seniors

The resident of the United States of America will receive the amount of the $698 Stimulus Payment soon in a few days. The middle-class households and the low middle-class families in the country are finding it very difficult to meet their ends because the inflation rate rise has made the prices of all goods and services high. Check the eligibility which is given below to know who can receive the benefit amount: 

  • The individual care needed to be the citizens of the United States of America. 
  • It is necessary for the individual to get the SSI payments and benefits under the categories of disability or retirement. 
  • It is important for people to be 65 years old or more in age. 
  • The overall sum of the individual’s income from all sources should not be more than $168600. 
  • It is important for person to fill out their tax returns. 
  • The total income of the couple should not be more than $160200 and the tax return must be filed by the individuals.
$698 Stimulus Payment Approved for Seniors: Know Status & Who is Eligible?

Benefits of $698 Stimulus Payment

The government of the United States has been making use of the stimulus check to provide a certain amount of money to the weaker segment or the unprivileged segments of the country. Making the senior citizens stable financially and independently helps improve their living standards and therefore it’s the goal of the $698 Stimulus Payment. 

  • The individual becomes dependent on other individuals financially to pay their bills but this stimulus check assists them by providing them money after their retirement age. 
  • The senior citizens can get assistance from the government authority for paying any extra costs and will be supporting them in the best way. 
  • The residents of the USA which are from the middle class and lower middle class are those who have suffered a lot from the increased rate of inflation. 
  • ‘The government of the United States is thus passing several programs and policies to make sure that its citizens are meeting their needs. 
  • The $698 Stimulus Payment will be soon provided to all those individuals who are in need of it. 

Payment status of $698 Stimulus Payment

It is necessary to refer the authorised website of the Internal Revenue Service to find the status of the stimulus check benefit. After visiting the website the individual is required to make use of their password and social security number to log in to the account. Individuals can even make use of their tax information to get this stimulus check amount. Once all the information has been filled the individual is to submit all the information and can see the status of their application.

All we know about $698 Stimulus Payment

The residents of the United States of America have been waiting for this stimulus payment for a very long time.  Even when the federal government is thinking about increasing the stimulus check amount to $600 as per the cost of living adjustments no official announcement has been made by them. 

  • This stimulus check will help in providing assistance who meet the criteria. 
  • It is recommended that the qualified individual monitor the website of the Internal Revenue Service to get the latest news. 
  • Individuals should not believe in various news that is spread by social media platforms and different people and should only stick to the official announcements. 
  • It will be however provided to only those groups of people who have filed their income tax return on time. 

$698 Stimulus Check Payment Date 2024

The $698 Stimulus Payment was launched by the Internal Revenue Service and the government of the United States of America to assist the middle-class and lower-middle-class groups of people that are living in the USA. This stimulus payment will help them in paying their rent, food, medication, and other necessities. Further, it will help senior citizens who are either 65 years old or more in an age in get assistance. The official date of the release of payment is not launched by the government and will be soon provided on the authorized website. 

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