Xoxoday, A SaaS Platform Started in 2012 is Looking to Raise US$ 5 Mn for Business Expansion and Growth

BANGALORE, August 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Nreach Online Services Pvt. Ltd. (Xoxoday) is planning to raise US$ 5Mn to enhance its technology offerings and international expansion. The Bangalore based startup which was founded in August 2012 has seen over 160% of average annual revenue growth with a very capital efficient model. Xoxoday has worked with around 1,000+ global enterprises since its inception.

Xoxoday primarily provides technology platforms to enterprises to manage their employee, channel partner and consumer engagement, rewards, recognition and inventive programs. Xoxoday indirectly reaches to around 2 Mn end users through its platforms. The platform helps enterprise, large and small, to digitize and automate their rewarding workflows, incentive budgets, nominations and rule-based incentives. The platform empowers the end user with lot of social recognition capabilities, building likeminded communities, share feedbacks, participate in ideation and thus reinforces positive behaviours for better business results for the enterprise. The instant awards from the platform can be redeemed on 10,000+ options like experiences, activities, gift vouchers, learning & training, and special discount offers.

Xoxoday is also one of the pioneers for digitizing experiences and activities through its supplier side SaaS platform. It has aggregated around 10,000+ experiences and activities in around 20 countries in the world.

The company was started by Manoj Agarwal, Sumit Khandelwal, Abhishek Kumar and Kushal Agarwal with a combined work experience of over 40 years. The company raised an angel round from Kshtriya Ventures in 2013 and a pre-series A round from Mahindra Holidays in 2016. Xoxoday is a strong team of 120+ mostly based in Bangalore with sales offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Singapore, Australia and Dubai.

About Xoxoday :

Xoxoday Enterprise is a technology platform helping organizations to manage rewards, incentives and loyalty programs. Xoxoday develops scalable, secure, distributed and seamless solutions that help employees, consumers, and channel partners engage with brands through our unparalleled catalogue of curated experiences.

To learn more, visit https://enterprise.xoxoday.com.

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