$9,000 One Time Stimulus Payment for Millions of Americans: Who is Eligible and How to Claim this Payment?

Washington State Department of Commerce will provide you a new Stimulus Payment, if you fulfill the Washington Electric Vehicle rebate 2024 Eligibility. It has become possible with a new program in Washington. For low-income people and households wishing to lease an electric vehicle, the state has introduced an instant refund program. Washington residents who earn up to $45,180 per year as a single or up to $93,600 as a family with four members will be eligible for a $9,000 One Time Stimulus Payment for Millions of Americans towards the purchase of a new electric vehicle.

This promotion is available from August 2024 through June 2025. The Washington State Department of Commerce claims that the $45 million program, that launches in August, is the first of its sort in any state in USA. The Washington EV Instant Rebates Program will be launched in August by the Washington State Department of Commerce, and it will be funded through June 2025.

$9000 One Time Stimulus Check for Millions of Americans

A $45 million program to reduce the cost of electric vehicles for the state’s low-income residents was presented by Washington officials in April 2024. For qualified customers who purchase or lease a new or used EV, the Washington EV Instant Rebates program offers rebates at the time of purchase. The agreement is applicable to residents making up to $45,180 for an individual or $93,600 for a family of four annually.

So to determine potential lease terms for less expensive EVs, the state’s Department of Commerce, which is in charge of the program, calculated that the new rebates, along with federal government incentives and deals from automakers, could reduce the cost of a monthly lease to less than $100 for vehicles like Nissan Leafs and Hyundai’s Kona and Ioniq6 models. If an EV lease is signed for three years, the $9,000 incentive can be refunded at the time of sale. For new EV purchases and two-year leases, a $5,000 rebate is available

Washington EV Instant Rebates Program 2024 Details

Program NameWashington EV Instant Rebates
Available in Washington
Authority NameWashington State Department of Commerce
Launching dateAugust 2024
Payment Amountupto $9000
Official Websitewww.commerce.wa.gov

Washington Electric Vehicle rebate 2024 Eligibility

  • The program is open to those whose earnings are at or below 300% of the federal poverty threshold, that amounts to USD 45,180 for an individual and $93,600 for a family of 4.
  • You do not need to Washington Electric Vehicle rebate 2024 Apply via the state because the program reimburses auto dealerships for the amount of your refund. All you need to do is visit the dealership and inquire about the program.
  • When you sign a lease, you will get your rebate in full if the dealer determines that you fulfil the income requirements and that your credit score is good enough to offer you a lease.
  • Any fully electric vehicle that retails for less than $90,000 is eligible. Estimates from the Department of Commerce range from 6,500 to 8,000 refunds between program launch and June 2025, when financing runs out.
  • As only purely battery-electric (no hybrids) cars under $90,000 off the sticker price are eligible for the refund, the car’s price also plays a role in qualifying. This excludes the most of premium cars on the market, unless they are bought used, as these lose value more quickly due to factors including mileage, battery life, and usage patterns.
$9,000 One Time Stimulus Payment for Millions of Americans: Who is Eligible and How to Claim this Payment?

Washington Launched New EV Rebates Up to $9,000

Making the transition to electric vehicles has become more financially appealing if you reside in the state of Washington and are thinking about buying one. New state electric car subsidies of up to $9,000 are available to qualified applicants; they can be used in addition to the current $7,500 federal refund. The new Washington EV Instant Rebates program of the state, will launch in August 2024, has been granted funding until June 2025. With an emphasis on helping low-income citizens who normally cannot afford a new automobile, the state projects that it will offer rebate for up to 8,000 EV drivers during that time.

New Washington Electric Vehicle Rebates 2024

  • For new EV purchases or two-year leases, there is a $5,000 rebate available; for leases longer than two years, there is a $9,000 rebate.
  • A $2,500 rebate is offered for used EV purchases and rentals that continue for two years or longer.

How to Apply for the Washington EV Rebate?

To manage the new Washington EV Instant Rebates Program, the Department of Commerce in Washington is in the final stages of contracting with an experienced administrator of renewable energy incentive programs. The program should make it simple to get the rebate since dealers that provide it to qualified EV buyers as a point of sale discount will be compensated by the program. The state claims that there should be no post-purchase or advance application requirements for the rebates. In Washington, New Washington Electric Vehicle Rebates 2024 will launch in August 2024.

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