Crypto to Go: Lattesso Launches Loyalty Program on the Blockchain

April 26, 2018         By: Payment Week

Zug, Switzerland – April 26th, 2018 – Chilled coffee producer, Lattesso, has today unveiled the Crypto Valley’s first loyalty token at the Blockchain Summit in Zug, showcasing the industry’s first proof of concept.

The Lattessocoin, Lattesso’s virtual token, is based on the qiibee system, a specialized platform for loyalty programs on the established Ethereum blockchain. From the end of May, every cup of Lattesso will come with a code which entitles customers to free Lattessocoins, which are stored on the blockchain and accessible via a user-friendly web app with no expiration dates, conditions or restrictions.

Erich Kienle, CEO of Lattesso, described the collaboration as a “pioneering achievement”.

“We are very pleased to present this world-first in Zug’s Crypto Valley, the worldwide blockchain hotspot,” he said.

Lattesso wants to make the benefits of tokens accessible to the public by adopting blockchain technology to power its customer loyalty program. In contrast to traditional loyalty programs, the Lattessocoin connects a fragmented market, increases its efficiencies, and cuts out the central data authority by being on the blockchain.

Co-founder and CEO of qiibee, Gabriele Giancola, said: “Customers worldwide are familiar with air mile programs and loyalty points, and although these are important practices for retailers and brands, customers are limited and restricted in how they can utilize their points and rewards. Now Lattesso customers will be able to exchange their loyalty points for cryptocurrencies from their smartphones.”

Tokens from all qiibee partners are exchangeable, which means that Lattesso customers can exchange their loyalty points not just for coffee, but also benefit from a variety of other offers in the future. Customers can also exchange their tokens for cash.

Cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Lattessocoins, are also freely tradeable, with demand determining the price.

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About qiibee

qiibee, the decentralized, blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem, provides a loyalty platform and developer interface on which every loyalty application can be tokenized.

qiibee started its journey in the loyalty market with a multi-branded, multi-activity loyalty program which brands could use to reward their customers for activities such as shopping, or creating and engaging with content. Founded in 2015 by Gabriele and Gianluca Giancola, the qiibee prototype was launched in late-2016 with 100,000 active customers in Switzerland, making up approximately 1% of all internet users in the Alpine nation.

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About Lattesso

The Lattesso brand was launched in 2013 by Erich Kienle, owner and founder of Innoprax. Lattesso, one of Switzerland’s leading cold coffee beverages, is the only brand with a 100% natural recipe without artificial additives, and an unmistakably fragrant coffee aroma. Lattesso is also exported to Germany, Austria, Belgium and Russia.

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