BillGO Introduces New “Intelligent Bill Pay” App

November 4, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

Today, BillGO introduces the intelligent bill-pay app that eliminates the affectionately referenced “BILLS#!T” from managing bills.

BillGO makes bill payment easy by connecting, paying, and managing any bill, and that also includes paying your monthly rent.

American households, on average, manage 10 or more monthly bills and have access to multiple payment platforms, more so than ever before. This has turned into a time-consuming, frustrating payment experience that spans various websites, apps, emails and snail mail – leading to mismanagement of bills and late fees. The average American family pays $400 in late and overdraft fees each year.

“That’s BILLS#!T” says CEO Dan Holt.  “Research shows that 50 percent of consumers who missed a bill payment in the last year either forgot or thought it was already taken care of. This means remembering to pay the bill is literally half the battle,” he explains. “We believe there is a better, more intelligent way to manage bill payments—and that’s why BillGO exists.”

“BillGO is your bill pay destination, putting control back in the bill payer’s hands by adding visibility and eliminating late fees. In fact, you never have to pay a late fee again! We guarantee you’ll never pay another late fee while using our platform,” adds Holt.