$7,000 One-Time Payment for Thousands of Americans: Are You Eligible to Claim this Payment?

In the month of August 2022, a provider of health record software named Connexin Software faced a significant issue when it was found that a third party had accessed their own server illegally and this led to leaked information related to the patients as well as employees working in the company.  Such type of data breach has affected almost 3 million individuals and this prompted a class action lawsuit that is filed in Pennsylvania that has now closed in a settlement that is pending final court approval. 

This data encompasses a huge range of information that is personally identifiable. This information involves their social security number, enrolment records, information about health insurance, and other significant identifiers. Connexin started the process of notification promptly in the year 2022 for getting information on all the affected parties of the breach and their ramifications. 

$7,000 One-Time Payment for Thousands of Americans

The class action lawsuit that was brought against Connexin was founded on an alleged casualness on the company’s part in safeguarding the personal details that the individual was entrusted to store and thus it resulted in losses, injuries, and various consequences that are adverse for the people that are impacted.  In order to resolve the argumentative lawsuit and the other claims that are presented, Connexin Software has agreed to the settlement amount of $4 million in total as a penalty.

Settlement conditions of Connexin Software

Under the terms that are negotiated in this settlement agreement, the members that meet the criteria of eligibility for a class action suit are presented with almost 2 options of resources. It is necessary that all the claims must be submitted by 25th July 2024 on the settlement website. On this site, the individual will receive the procedure on how they can submit their claim so that they can choose their reinstatement. 

  • The first option presented is that they can opt to get 3 years of fraud monitoring services and complementary identity theft which have the objective of mitigating the risks that arise from the data breach. 
  • The second option includes a person who is elected to pursue a one-time payment of almost $7500 for compensation for the loss that has occurred as a result of direct breach consequences. 
  • The second option would not be as simple as the first option. 
  • Individuals who are opting for the second option of compensation should substantiate their losses with proper documentation which involves receipts, bank statements, involves, credit reports, or any alternative cash payment that will be likely less generous. 
$7,000 One-Time Payment for Thousands of Americans: Are You Eligible to Claim this Payment?

$7,000 One-Time Payment Date

Individuals that are meeting the criteria of eligibility for receiving the compensation will required to pay attention to the payment date and should mark 3 significant dates that are relevant to the process. The 1st December 2022 marked the beginning of the process of notification when the individuals who were affected were informed about their eligibility for participating in the settlement. If the individual is not notified then they do not fulfill the eligibility requirement for getting any compensation in the future. 

  • The second date is 25th June which is known as the deadline by which individuals can either exclude themselves from the process of settlement or lodge an objection to the preliminary agreement. 
  • Exclusion from the settlement efforts the persons the retention of their legal rights for pursuing their claims in the future against Connexin pertaining to the breach of data. 
  • The failure to opt out however forfeits this entitlement even though a claim form is submitted. 
  • If the individual does not wish to submit the claim form then the individual has the option to exclude themselves which may provide them options down the line for pursuing legal action if their current situation changes. 
  • The third date is 24th July as on this date the court will be assessing the adequacy and fairness of the agreement of the proposed settlement to ensure equal treatment for all the parties that were involved. 
  • It is not likely that any type of changes will be made at this stage and the process of closing will start to pay out the settlement promptly.

All we know about this one-time payment of $7000

Connexin Software is suffering from a data breach problem when a third party takes access to the personal information of their patients and other employees working there. This leads to several issues which involve the leakage of social security numbers, records of employees, details about health insurance, and other significant information. 

  • This even resulted in several injuries and mental stress on the part of employees and patients. It is possible that this data can be used by the third party illegally for fraud or hacking the belongings of the individuals. 
  • The company has agreed to a settlement that amounts to $4 million in total. Further, the company has two options, the first option includes three 3 years of services of compliance with identity theft and fraud monitoring. 
  • This will help individuals mitigate the risks related to any type of data breach. 
  • The second option that was provided is to pay a one-time payment of $7000 or more which is based on the number of losses suffered by the individuals. 
  • This benefit will be however provided to the individual if they are providing appropriate proof of the losses.

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