$1300 New Stimulus Check Payment Update: Keep Checking Your Bank Account for USD 1,300 Deposit

The government of Alaska has made such PFDs to assist individuals who are financially weak in the country. Individuals which belongs to families of low income and are not able to make a stable living can apply for such types of payments. As per sources individuals who have not filled out the application forms can apply for a New Stimulus Check Payment of $1300. Individuals can apply for such type of stimulus check programs for the year 2025. 

The Permanent Fund Dividend will be provided to the individuals of Alaska which includes the amount of $1300 as a new stimulus check payment. Those citizens who have already applied for the program should check their balance during regular intervals of time as it is possible that $1300 will be deposited directly by the government in their bank account. This article will provide all the significant information about the New Stimulus Check Payment of $1300. 

$1300 New Stimulus Check Payment Update

The Department of State Revenue will be managing this distribution process of the above stimulus check by providing it to the citizens who are meeting the criteria of eligibility. So it becomes very important for the individual to become aware of the criteria of requirements of the department and should strictly follow them in order to get the benefit amount.

New Stimulus Check Payment of $1300: Overview

Title$1300 New Stimulus Check Payment Update
CountryUnited States of America
Payment date16th May, 2024
Authorized byDepartment of Alaska 
Benefit namePermanent Fund Dividend
GovernmentGovernment of Alaska

Eligibility for $1300 Stimulus Check Deposit 2024

Citizens of Alaska are required to know the requirements and criteria of eligibility for the department to get the $1300 New Stimulus Check Payment Update. Read the following requirements of eligibility which should be followed by the individuals. 

  • It is necessary that individuals should live in Alaska for either a year or more. 
  • New residents are required to wait for the application to begin in the year 2025 to get this benefit amount. 
  • The citizens of Alaska who were born there but are living in different countries will not receive this benefit of the New Stimulus Check Payment of $1300. 
  • It is necessary that an individual should not have a criminal record or be imprisoned in Alaska for getting this pension benefit. 
  • Individuals should have an income that is less than the gross income defined by the government authorities. 
$1300 New Stimulus Check Payment Update: Keep Checking Your Bank Account for USD 1,300 Deposit

Latest News about Stimulus Check Payment of $1300

This stimulus check program provided this payment amount of $1000 stimulus checks in the year 1982. In 1982 the amount which was provided to the individuals was deducted based on the cost of living and other types of changes in the economy. Similarly in the year 2024, it was examined that the rise in inflation has increased the prices of all the commodities therefore the New Stimulus Check Payment was increased to $1300. 

  • As per the latest information on the official website of stimulus checks, the next check will be provided to the individuals by 16th May 2024. 
  • Those individuals in Alaska that are meeting the criteria of eligibility can pick up this check-up from the permanent fund dividend of Alaska in the month of May 2024. 
  • Citizens can even check the online status of their payments if they have applied for this payment amount and have not gotten their stimulus check payment yet. 
  • Individuals can even verify their eligibility from the stimulus check of 16th May which will start from 8th May. 
  • If the individuals have received the status as eligible but not paid then this means that they have qualified the criteria of eligibility and will not get the payment amount directly in their bank account on 16th May 2024. 
  • The New Stimulus Check Payment of $1300 generally comes under the government of the United States of America and is launched by the state of Alaska. 
  • The name of this benefit is Permanent Fund Dividend and it is managed by the Department of Revenue of Alaska.

Payment date for $1300 Stimulus Check Deposits

The government will be paying a New Stimulus Check Payment of $1300 to all the citizens of Alaska under the financial assassinate payment category on 16th May 2024. The citizens can visit the official website of the government to verify updates and other statuses of their payment amount. The government of Alaska has even released the official date on which they will be providing the payment of the stimulus check. Individuals who are qualifying can receive this benefit of payment soon. 

  • The citizens can get the payment amount on 31st March 2024 if they have the status of eligible but not paid. 
  • If the individual has the status of eligible but not paid on 10th April 2024 then they will get the payment amount on 18th April 2024. 
  • Finally, the individual who has the status of eligible not paid on 8th May 2024 will get the payment amount on 16th May 2024. 
  • The payment timetable which is provided below is issued by the government authority of Alaska for the individuals who are waiting eagerly for the payment amount. 
  • All the individuals who are qualifying will be getting this payment in the bank account directly that is liked during the application process.
YearStatus of application$1300 Stimulus Check Payment Date 2024
Applications for 2023‘Eligible Not Paid’ on March 13th  2024Sent out on March 21st 2024
Applications for 2023‘Eligible Not Paid’ on April 10th 2024Sent out on April 18th 2024
Applications for 2023‘Eligible Not Paid’ on May 8th 2024Sent out on May 16th 2024

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