$500 Monthly Stimulus Check Payment: Know If You are Eligible to Claim this Deposit

The increasing Resilience in Tacoma (GRIT) is known as the consequence of a partnership between the cities of Tacoma as well as the United Way of Pierce Country in order to define wealth as well as poverty by the arts. Apart from this, the program’s 12 months will be providing such households for work that live in the neighbourhoods that are targeted and have income that ranges between 100 percent and 200 percent of the federal level of poverty. Thus it has unlimited cash access every month. 

The $500 Monthly Stimulus Check Payment will be delivered to all the persons who meet the criteria of eligibility in the month of May. These stimulus checks are mainly designed in order to offer additional support along with payments that are no strings attached. The application for the period of the 12-month will be kept open for the residents of Tacoma and will be beginning from 1st March. 

$500 Monthly Stimulus Check Payment 

The overall amount of the raise from the 12 installments will be $6000. All individuals are however not eligible for getting this benefit payment. The selection of the individuals will be done on a random basis. Almost 100 individuals will be selected randomly from a pool of all eligible individuals. Once the choice of the candidates is made, the participants of Group 1 as well as Group 2 will be getting emails from the GRIT or Growing Resilience in Tacoma in the month of September. Group 3 will however not get phone calls.

Eligibility for getting a $500 Monthly Stimulus Check 

The names of the participants can be known by just the research team and GRIT staff. The UWPC or the United Way of Pierce Country has made it very clear that the applicant should have at least four qualifications to become eligible for such type of stimulus check payment. The first is known as the sole caregiver for the child that is under the age of seventeen or almost 21 in case the child has a special need. Read the following criteria of eligibility provided below:

  • The $500 Monthly Stimulus Check Payment will be provided to the individuals who are residents of 98445, 98444, 98418, 98405, 98408, 98404, and 98409 or any other combination of such type of zip codes. 
  • The household can only submit one type of application form. 
  • It is crucial for individuals to earn in the middle of 100 percent and 200 percent of the federal poverty line. 
  • The candidates that are interested should be between 18 to 65 years old in age. 
  • Further it is even provided to the senior head of the household and those who have children that are 17 years old in age or 21 years old in an age in case the child is disabled.                   
$500 Monthly Stimulus Check Payment: Know If You're Eligible to Claim this Deposit

Different stimulus check payment which is available for the households

Apart from the $500 Monthly Stimulus Check Payment, Individuals should even become aware of the federal child tax credit which is made available to individuals in case they are parents. Families that have entitled children can receive a tax cut as a result of the child tax credit. Even if the individual is not filing the taxes, they can still become eligible for claiming this stimulus check payment amount. 

  • It is necessary that the applicants who are interested should fill the Schedule 8812 which is known as the Credits for Qualifying Children and Other Dependents. 
  • Further they can attach it to the form 1040 which is the US Individuals Income Tax Return for claiming the Child Tax Credit for the dependents and children.   
  • In the year 2024, 16 states will be providing additional funding for the child tax credit that will involve credit for the children that are young. 
  • All these states will have different types of requirements for qualifying for a $500 Monthly Stimulus Check Payment.  

Requirements of different states 

This section involves the criteria of eligibility for the child tax credit which is another benefit provided to individuals other than the $500 Monthly Stimulus Check Payment.  


For every eligible child, individuals that have an income of no more than $75000 and $85000 married taxpayers that are filing jointly can be eligible for getting almost $1200. This credit will be only made available to kids who are under 6 years old. 

New York 

Families that meet the criteria of eligibility can choose to claim the stimulus check payment of $100 for every child that is qualifying or 33 percent of the federal child tax credit along with the federal supplementary child tax credit. This was in the past available to children that are either 4 years old or older. Now the state has extended this credit for including youngsters under the 4 as well.


The families can get almost $1750 for every child that is eligible but the credit will be phasing out for taxpayers that are earning more than $29500 and $35000 if they are joint filers. 


Families who make below $25000 each year will be eligible for the stimulus check payment of $1000. Individuals who have made between $25000 and $30000 every year will receive a small amount of payout. Only the children that are under 6 years old are eligible for this benefit and the families qualifying are also required to meet the standards for the California Earned Income Tax Benefit.

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