Why Restaurants Desperately Need Mobile Payments Technology

May 23, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

It’s unusual to see any sector be told that they need mobile payments technology. Sure, we’ve seen it recommended on a range of fronts, especially in heavily customer-facing operations like retail or restaurants. Sometimes especially restaurants. A new study from PointofSale.com, meanwhile, lays the need out in much sharper focus than ever before: restaurants need mobile payments technology.

The study didn’t mince words; it began with a look at the standard process of getting restaurant servers to handle a credit card payment. First, the paper check has to be delivered to the guest, and the guest has to find the card and give it to the server. That means another delay as the server walks away to attend the various other guests in their area of operations. Then, when the check and card are picked up, the server has to actually make the transaction, then return the card and check to have the statement signed and modified to include tip. There are actually more steps after this, which demonstrates why a better way is called for.

Enter mobile payments systems. With mobile payments systems, all a server really need do is just bring the check and let the customer handle it from there. This brings a host of benefits along with it, from greater efficiency at the table—which means faster turnover and more satisfied customers who will have some wait time trimmed from their own visit—to more customer engagement and even the potential for businesses to put analytics to use to better determine what customers want and don’t want by turns.

Naturally, no business can do with mobile payments alone. The legal backlash we’ve seen in recent days drives that point home clearly. However, by offering mobile payments as an option, not only do businesses open up the potential for accessing the benefits noted previously, but also, they expand their range of service to as many customers as possible. For those who can and want to use mobile payments, being able to accept them accommodates these customers and gives them the benefits.

Mobile payments aren’t the ultimate solution for restaurants, but they’re definitely the solution to have on hand. Gathering data, protecting customers, and improving customer experience all combine to make mobile payments a solution to bring into play.