New Scholarship Requirements: Unexpected Issues for Students Created by FAFSA changes

At the end of each semester, the registration process for another class of the semester  is open. This will be coming with certain issues. It was realized that certain  students that wanted a class they desired would be not available and certain were even waitlisted for other types of classes. 

In this semester the students who have registered faced several shocks for discovering that UT has even implemented a policy of new scholarship which prevents students from getting 100 percent scholarship if any courses are taken which is not apply directly to their major. 

New scholarship requirements

Such kind of changes are generally made in order to comply with the Federal Aid Simplification for Tennesseans Act. This act was passed in the legislative session of 2020. The Tennessee Department of Education told the Beacon that such changes must have been introduced in the academic year of 2021-2022. This is mainly done because the state provides the institution sufficient time to prepare for them.

More Updates about New scholarship requirements

Such types of changes are mainly in 3rd year and it is said by the experts from enrolment management that the requirements are implemented by the university of the FAST Act as needed. As per the university, students today are now feeling such changes because the Department of Education of the United States of America has recently changed their interpretation recently related to the course program of study rules that are related to academic minors. 

  • Students can still make a choice to take any type of courses, however, they can choose only those courses which are in their programs of study. 
  • This program which is chosen will help the authority in determining the scholarship award amount as per the FAST Act. 
  • It is very important to note that after considering the shift of rewarding outcomes and not just the enrolment, it is clarified by the FAST Act that for getting state financial aid, the student cannot be enrolled simply in a higher education institution that is eligible. 
  • An eligible study program is known as a federal Title IV eligible curriculum of courses that leads to a diploma, an associate, certificate, or baccalaureate degree at a postsecondary institution that is eligible. 
  • CPOS is known as a federal requirement that is mandated by the Department of Education of the United States of America.
New Scholarship Requirements: Unexpected Issues for Students Created by FAFSA changes

Unexpected Issues for Students Created by FAFSA changes

If the students are enrolling in at least 12 credit hours and all types of courses are in the CPOS of students then they will get 100 percent of their scholarship as a reward. But if the student is enrolling in a minimum of twelve hours and just 9 hours is falling in their CPOS then they will be just getting 75 percent of their scholarship. 

  • It will therefore incentivize the individuals to take courses within their study program for fast completion as well as the payment of the state aid of the United States of America with federal financial assistance program. 
  • The CPOS of the students even involves minors but on the basis of how the academic schedules of certain students fall. 
  • For completing all the degree programs the students may not have enough amount of credit within their CPOS for finishing their final semester and getting hundred percent of their scholarship. 

New scholarship requirements explained by an Example 

A senior student named Haley Gipson is studying wildlife and fisheries and has 3 minors which are forestry, international agriculture, and natural resources and watershed. She has completed her two minors already but was not able to complete her third minor which is international agriculture and natural resources until spring 2025. The main reason is that a course she needed was not provided until then and this final course is the only class she is required to take. 

  • All other classes that she needed to take to earn at least 12 credit hours will be not counted towards her CPOS. 
  • It is said by Gipson that the new requirement of CPOS is not inclusive to certain majors like hers. 
  • The reason behind this is that the program does not correlate to the schedule that is based on the semester. 
  • The wildlife department is operating on a block schedule.

When can students find the FAFSA form?

The FAFSA form for 2024-25 can be obtained at The individuals needed to make an FSA ID in order to start the form. If the student is a dependent then their parents or stepparent will be required to create an FSA ID so that they can include their details in the form as a contributor. If the individual is married then their spouse will be required to create an FSA ID. 

  • Individuals will even have a social security number for receiving an FSA ID. 
  • This type of updated form will allow parents and spouses without any social security number to create an FSA ID. 
  • Students who do not have any social security number are not able to complete their FAFSA unless such type of issue is resolved. 
  • Contributors are known as one of the new features of the year 2024-25. 
  • Any individual who is giving tax as well as personal details to the FAFSA form of the individuals should be listed as a contributor. 
  • Contributors are mainly determined by the status of your dependency, martial status along the status of filing.  

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