Alipay Teams Up With Motion Pay Technology to Advance Canadian Front

March 7, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Alipay’s worldwide advancement continues, this time taking a stab at pushing open its presence in the Canadian market. It’s made a new move recently, teaming up with Motion Pay Technology to bring out Alipay systems to a wide range of new merchants in Canada.

With the partnership effort in place, Alipay is now accepted at merchants in virtually every major Canadian city—Quebec, however, seems to not be on the list—from Toronto and Vancouver to Montreal and even Banff. Within that broad geographic range comes an equally broad range of merchant classes who accept the payment system, including restaurants, hospitality operations, and retail from standard to luxury class.

Alipay is currently the leading mobile payment system in China—though it’s being closely followed by WeChat Pay, the service commonly regarded as the weapon of choice for small sales—and with over 520 million active users in China at last report, it’s likely going to be a nice windfall for the Canadian businesses that add it to their payment options roster.

Alipay Americas president Souheil Badran noted “As our first Canadian partner, Motion Pay has helped us to reach critical mass in acceptance points across Canada. We look forward to continuing our relationship and enabling even more Canadian brands and retailers to connect with the growing number of Chinese consumers seeking items they can’t find at home, and simplifying payments by offering Alipay’s familiar method.”

If even 15 percent of Alipay’s user base is also planning travel to Canada, that’s all the incentive Canadian businesses need to add Alipay. That particular number would represent roughly double the current population of Canada itself as of July 2017, as if two entire Canadas walked into Canada and started spending money. It would actually be irrational for Canadian businesses to not add Alipay under those circumstances; who would voluntarily pass up that kind of opportunity?

Yet in the end, this is just one of a steadily-growing list of examples of Alipay’s rapid worldwide expansion. WeChat Pay may be a decent competitor in China, but it seems to have made very few of Alipay’s moves in this space, and that may cost it significant opportunity going forward.