Cardfree May Have the Answer to Restaurant Mobile Payments Friction

November 1, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Increasingly, restaurants are offering customers the ability to pay at the table instead of trying to route payment through waitstaff, a point that’s catching its share of attention. It’s actually almost hard to consider a new restaurant opening up without some kind of hefty digital presence in general; not just pay at the table, but also online menus, mobile order and pay functions, and more. In fact, some are suggesting that Cardfree may have one major answer to the difficulties seen in moving to a pay at the table concept.

With tools like Cardfree, several options open up, including the ability to pay for a meal across multiple users. Tools like Venmo and Zelle become immediately available, and splitting a meal’s cost is a few touchscreen presses away.

Better yet, since the payment is processed at the table, payments become safer. No need to hand over a credit card to waitstaff, who then disappears with it for several minutes without witnesses to do something to it before bringing it back. Most wouldn’t, of course, but it’s still a very real possibility.

Cardfree in particular has been working on this quite extensively, and hopes to reveal as many as three new customers by the end of the year who are willing to take this on just in time to snag some business from holiday shoppers.

With restaurants already operating on the white-knuckle edge of profit margins, anything that can help on this front should be welcome. Cardfree’s system, and those like it, should help bolster those shaky margins with two key points: more and more satisfied customers. We understand the more satisfied inherently; customers get to pay for their food more rapidly and speed things up. The more part is one some may not have considered; if a diner has a faster experience, that empties the table faster and makes it available for someone else. More services in the same amount of time means more revenue to the restaurant.

A system like Cardfree can make a lot of difference, so look for your favorite restaurant to add pay at the table options. Assuming they haven’t already, that is.