Steemit Announces New VP of Marketing

April 5, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Steemit has a new face joining its ranks, and boy are they excited to forge ahead with new blood on their side.

The world’s first decentralized social media platform has made a huge leap in its evolution as a crypto-enterprise by hiring blockchain tech and marketing aficionado Mitchell Loureiro, who will helm the new kind of growth strategy.

The strategy they speak of is set to leverage Steem’s unique “proof-of-stake” system, which distributes ownership in the Steem protocol to anyone who adds value to the blockchain, through crowdsourcing plans and proposals for expansion and combining approved projects with traditional marketing.

The new VP of Marketing has just recently started on his new mission, leading traditional digital and physical marketing campaigns, but moreover, empower all Steemit users to participate by drafting proposals and developing projects designed to attract audiences across the globe.

CEO of Steemit Ned Scott said, “The way Mitchell thinks about taking Steemit from a crypto-centric project to a household name is genius, and completely reflects the nature of our innovation; decentralization, empowering the people, and incentivized community interaction. Mitchell has an incredible background and has been entrenched in blockchain since 2012. He is savvy, has a significant network to leverage, and has deep knowledge of the Steemit community. He is a growth expert and is coming in at the right time as we prepare for dramatic growth.”

Mr. Loureiro has an impressive track record in building business strategies and exposure for next generation technology. He is credited with building startups in Portugal their largest incubator, StartupLX, before having a hand in the succesful launch of the Ardor token distribution with the Nxt Foundation. He took iLovePDF to the top of the PDF processing market.

Ned Scott added, “By leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to amplify and multiply the impact of marketing efforts we’ll build out countless sub communities, each incentivized to grow until we join the ranks of the social media giants. The key difference is that the users really are the true owners of Steem and”

Mitchell Loureiro concluded, “If two minds are better than one, what do you call thousands of minds dedicated to making content rewards on the net more fair? Innovation. This has never been done before, it comes after months of careful deliberation, and it’s ambitious, but I truly believe this effort will propel Steemit to new heights.”