Modulr, Paxport Team Up on Mobile Payments-Style Operations for Travel

February 18, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

With the way the weather’s been lately over much of the northern US, there are likely more than a few people contemplating a trip to Florida or the like just to get out of the bone-cracking cold alternated with ice storms. This is a point that many online travel agencies (OTAs) would like to capitalize on, and a new partnership is likely to help that. Word was sent our way about a new hookup between Paxport and Modulr, and the end result will infuse mobile payments-style operations to travel industry payments.

The new connection between Paxport—which focuses on travel technology and related services—and Modulr, which offers an application programming interface (API) for payments-as-a-service operations, should help deliver a new and much more flexible brand of payments to travel operations, especially for OTAs.

With Modulr’s services in the fold, Paxport can offer an automated merchandising and distribution mechanism for travel operations, complete with real-time payments at any given time of day. Better yet, travel agents—including OTAs—and tour operators will have greater choice in payment options available to them.

With Modulr’s digital payment capabilities in place, the Pax2Pay system offered by Paxport will open up payment options not only by different platforms, but even by different currencies. It should also serve to reduce administrative costs, making these operations also more profitable thanks to centralized reconciliation and reduced complexity in systems management.

Anything that reduces complexity tends to reduce operating costs as well, and that’s welcome news for most any business. Though this payment development will likely be more a help on the back-office side of things than in a customer-facing capacity, it demonstrates how mobile payments, and mobile payments-style applications, work for all parts of business, not just the parts of customers with smartphones. Mobile payments can help businesses as well, not only by keeping customers happy with more options, but also by improving internal operations.

By smoothing out the payments process and reducing operational complexity, OTAs are more likely to stay in business, which gives us all more options to work with and a better chance at inexpensive travel. That’s good news for anyone who’s considering a trip to sunnier climes when the winter arrives.