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NationalLink Incorporated Teams With Fiserv To Improve Merchants Lives

March 12, 2019         By: Michael Millington

NationalLink has been helping merchants with their payments solutions for years. Now it’s looking to make things easier for merchants by partnering with Fiserv, one of the world’s leading providers of financial services tech solutions. It will be Fiserv tech that will help to simplify cash management for merchants on the NationalLink platform.

Many storefronts use what are known as smart safes in order to measure and secure cash payments in-store. However, the more smart safes a store uses, the less efficient that store becomes at compiling payments. Imagine running reports for each and every smart safe your business uses to get a full financial picture every day, week or month. It would be a time consuming task that could get expensive, what with subscription fees for each individual smart safe.

Through the utilization of CorPoint, a cash supply chain management service from Fiserv, merchants can access information from various income sources on one platform. In short, it gives merchants the big picture about their monetary situation without wasting time.

“The proliferation of smart safes that rely on manufacturers’ software has hindered the ability for businesses to realize the full potential of these devices,” said Sam Kandah, president of NationalLink. “With Fiserv technology we can unify data from different smart safes and across merchant locations to provide the visibility merchants need to manage cash effectively.”

“For many consumers, cash remains a preferred form of payment, but cash is labor-intensive for merchants to manage,” said Shawn Holtzclaw, senior vice president and general manager, Fraud, Risk and Compliance, Fiserv. “Merchants are actively seeking ways to improve cash management efficiency, and NationalLink is meeting this demand with a single platform that provides a holistic, hardware-agnostic view of smart safe transactions.”

The pairing of NationalLink and Fiserv should relieve some of the financial stress from dealing with multiple smart safes at a time. As businesses become more advanced, so too must the methods of dealing with merchant transactions.