Credorax Adds to Its Roster as it Pursues Mobile Payments in Europe

February 22, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

We’ve seen how the mobile payments market looks different all over, and how there are opportunities just about everywhere, even if they may represent different possibilities. Mobile banking isn’t that much different on that score, and Credorax recently sent word our way about its newest roster move, bringing in Sian Bosley to serve as senior vice president of business development, helping to make a greater push into the European market.

Credorax has a slate of Smart Payment tools along with Smart Acquiring services, and this combination should give it some real potential to make connections in the European theater. With Bosley involved–who previously served as CreditCall’s senior vice president–there should be the necessary experience and expertise to help make Credorax’s own push a greater reality.

Already, Credorax has made a name for itself as the fastest-growing ecommerce acquirer in Europe, which should speak to the company’s reliability and put down at least some potential objections right out of the gate. Since Bosley has not only worked in the industry before but has also worked with the Credorax team itself, she should not only have a clear understanding of the market but also of what Credorax can do therein.

Credorax CEO Igal Rotem noted “The ecommerce and mcommerce sectors are booming, and merchants around the world are demanding a strong payment infrastructure to keep up with customer expectations…. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the role and will be instrumental in growing our customer base, in-line with our growth projections.”

Thus basically, we have an excellent combination of factors here. We have a company that’s already been on an expansion tear in a market where such systems are somewhat underrepresented. This combination is backed up by an experienced new SVP who not only knows the company’s offerings but how they relate to the wider market. It’s hard not to like that set of circumstances, and harder still not to put some real stock behind them.

It’s not enough, of course, to have all the components of a win in place. They still have to work together sufficiently well to produce that win. From here, however, the view certainly looks good, and the end result should be a real victory for Credorax.