Dr. Stuart Haber Joins Leading Predictive Analytics Company’s Scientific Advisor Board

September 27, 2018         By: Payment Week

Tel Aviv, Israel — September 27, 2018Endor, the leading predictive analytics engine leveraging blockchain infrastructure, has announced that Dr. Stuart Haber, one of the founders of blockchain technology and influencer of the original Satoshi whitepaper, will be joining its scientific advisory board. Dr. Haber will provide expert advice and direction on scientifically advanced technological and product developments.

Dr. Haber said: “Endor’s application of the blockchain to their automated predictions engine provides both the blockchain and AI industries with affirmation that the merging of these two technologies will yield profound results. In joining the scientific advisory board for Endor, I have the opportunity to contribute to this vital development and to the future of business technology. I look forward to working with Endor co-founders Dr. Sandy Pentland and Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, at MIT, with this common goal in mind.”

A tenured researcher and scholar, Dr. Haber’s work in 1991 provided the foundational principles upon which the blockchain was based. The early cryptographer, who is often referred to as a founding father of blockchain technology, originally viewed the technology as a method of timestamping digital documents to prove authenticity, resolving issues in intellectual property rights. In the Bitcoin whitepaper, Satoshi Nakamoto references the work of Dr. Haber as laying the groundwork for his practical application of the technology.

Endor, founded by MIT researchers in 2014, leverages blockchain technology for its AI predictive analytics platform, along with its proprietary Social Physics technology, to provide accurate and rapid predictions on market and customer behaviour. Through utilizing the blockchain, Endor has developed the industry-first ability to analyse encrypted data, thus providing automated predictions which are secure and scalable, whilst still being accurate and affordable.

Yaniv Altshuler, CEO of Endor, said: “We proudly view Dr. Haber’s decision to join Endor as a huge vote of confidence in the scientific revolution we are leading and its potential business impact. We are happy to have him on board to work with us on the continued development of groundbreaking AI blockchain technology. Endor is committed to the advancement of AI and predictive technology using the blockchain, and will continue this effort into the future through working with industry leaders such as Dr. Haber and through many initiatives to come.”

For more information, visit www.endor.com.

About Endor

Endor is the first automatic predictions engine that empowers businesses with fast and accurate intelligence to make informed business decisions. Leveraging blockchain infrastructure and Endor’s proprietary Social Physics technology, the company analyzes Big Data using artificial intelligence in order to find patterns in customer behaviour with unmatched accuracy and speed. Endor’s groundbreaking predictive analytics platform has the unique capability to process encrypted data, on and off blockchain, thereby guaranteeing the security of sensitive data and GDPR compliance.

Since being founded by MIT researchers in 2014, national banks, large retailers, and Fortune 500 companies, such as Coca-Cola and Mastercard, have utilized Endor to predict consumer behavior, make data-driven decisions, and increase revenues. For more information on Endor, visit https://www.endor.com/.