A Mobile Payments Social Network? The Best SAS May Be Working on It.

July 25, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

If it ever seems like time spent on a social network is less than valuable, you’re likely not alone. The Best SAS, a French firm, is working to change that, and build a social network that comes complete with rewards for spending time therein.

The process by which it all happened is a bit arcane; PeopleBrowsr, a company out of San Francisco, sold its BestTLD Pty Ltd subsidiary to Paris-based The Best SAS. BestTLD actually owned the .best top level domain, and holds it via distribution agreements with GoDaddy and a massive rank of over 50 different domain registrars. After the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) agreed to the sale, The Best SAS now effectively owns the .best extension.

With .best in place, The Best SAS could use it as a primary component of its upcoming tool, a “decentralized search optimized social network.” That sounds like a mouthful, but basically, it’s just a search setup where users will get paid to use the system.  They’ll be paid in the .best cryptocurrency, and can get payment for reviewing products and services.

Cyril Fremont, .best’s CEO, noted “…With this fantastic acquisition, we now own a Digital Territory (The .Best TLD), a Crypto-Currency (the BestCoin token) and a Community (our social network technology). Means we are now the first “Digital Nation” : The Best Nation! New citizens of our Best Nation will have their own .Best website (where they own their data) and will be paid for their reviews in our Crypto. “

Directly monetizing viewership by providing short reviews and then paying off the writers seems like it should be a working formula. Paying in cryptocurrency might be even better for those forward-thinking writers who don’t mind getting paid in something that might be particularly valuable someday. If the Best cryptocurrency turns out to at least be a good one—not necessarily bitcoin level but possibly at least Litecoin or maybe Bitcoin Cash—then this could be a very good plan indeed.

There are quite a few question marks on the Best plan, but there are quite a few paths for this to turn out at least reasonably well.