BOHH Labs, Teradata Offer Boost to Data Analytics

July 20, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Mobile payments offer a lot of benefits for the user and for the business that accepts them. Convenience, speed, a greater customer experience…but the real winner of mobile payments is the wealth of data that they generate. Information about time of day shopped, amount spent, what that was spent on and so on create the underpinnings of an incredible benefit for businesses, and a new tool from BOHH Labs and Teradata—which BOHH Labs tipped us off about—will help businesses take advantage of all that data.

The new development between BOHH Labs and Teradata, known as Secure Data as a Service, allows businesses to take large amounts of information—including such things as Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data—and process it effectively into patterns, sometimes called “actionable insights.”

The BOHH / Teradata union makes it easier to take this data from raw data to processed patterns by adding a layer of protection between the source and the storage, which makes it safer to collect and store the data in question.

Teradata Center for Enterprise Security director Jay Irwin noted “Teradata is committed to helping customers realize the full potential of their data in flexible environments while assuring security, privacy and regulatory compliance. By partnering with BOHH Labs, we can deliver our secure access that keeps our customers’ data readily available to turn previously off-limits data into actionable business insights.”

When companies can use analytics, they can figure out important things like what items to stock, what times of day to have the most employees available, even where to stock items in a store. Analytics requires raw data in order to process, though, and mobile payments is an excellent source of that data. It takes more than raw data, though, and the BOHH Labs / Teradata partnership should go a long way toward not only making that data easier to gather, but also safer to store.

Information is power; that’s why it needs to be protected. This move should go a long way toward not only making mobile payments’ data-generating capabilities fully used, but also keeping all that data safe from unwelcome intrusion.