Blockparty, Blockchain World Conference Set Up Crypto-Only Poker Tournament

July 12, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

While we’ve seen a lot of different uses for cryptocurrency crop up, from investment to shopping to even buying dental services. Some take this as a sign that cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly mainstream, but most looked askance at that notion. They may need to reconsider, however, with word sent our way from Blockchain Relations, who tipped us off about a first-of-its-kind event set to take place at Atlantic City’s Harrah’s Casino July 14.

It’s set to be the crowning event of the Blockchain World Conference, an all-cryptocurrency poker tournament both held at and sanctioned by Harrah’s. The event features 100 players, all of whom will be turning to Blockparty to buy in, bet, and cash out from the event. Plus, tickets will be available via the Blockparty system for those who plan to spectate. Buy-in for the event is limited to attendees of the Blockchain World Conference, and those who step in will need $250 in cryptocurrency on the Blockparty platform.

The winner takes home a pair of VIP tickets for the next Blockchain World Conference in Hollywood, Florida December 3-5, as well as a three-night stay at the Diplomat, a package worth $10,000. Blockparty will also cover the buy-in cost for anyone who knocks out a pro, and there will be a separate competition for 10 people to receive free buy-in for the event.

It/s certainly true that events like these will help mainstream cryptocurrency. However, these events have to take place outside of the immediate blockchain community as well to be truly valid. It’s one thing for Harrah’s to hold a cryptocurrency-themed event when a cryptocurrency-related convention is in town; it’s another thing entirely to hold that same event on a typical Tuesday. The fact that we’re not seeing an event like this away from the Blockchain World Conference really only underscores how outright alien cryptocurrency and blockchain applications are to the average person.

When casinos can offer bitcoin purses for a rewards gift or as part of a local poker tournament or the like, then cryptocurrency will be mainstream. Right now, while it’s certainly aspiring to such status, it’s nowhere near that yet, and may not be for some time to come.