Mobile Point of Sale Systems Provide Big Boosts to Food Trucks

February 6, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

If you’re not already familiar with the concept of a food truck—and I do recommend you get familiar if you’re not, because some of them are amazing—they’re basically small kitchens on wheels that can travel around from place to place. These often provide food that can’t be had anywhere else, or as an introduction to a static restaurant’s menu. Increasingly, however, food trucks run on mobile payments, or on mobile point of sale (PoS) systems.

As of just 2017, there were over 4,000 such operations in the United States, offering food choices from the simplest chili dog to the most complex sushi arrangement. While cash has long been the exchange medium of choice at these rolling restaurants, they’ve gained a lot of new value from the mobile PoS thanks to customers’ ongoing preference for speed and convenience. Cash is still a big part of the scene, and customers often prefer using credit cards over tools like Apple Pay.

The same factors that are driving the use of mobile payments are likewise driving these tools in the food truck market, reports note, and food trucks are taking to it in a big way. One of the biggest factors for food trucks is a point that’s only recently caught on with actual restaurants: the use of analytics systems that connect readily to a mobile PoS. By being able to analyze what customers are ordering, it becomes easier to stock more of these things, or consider new offerings in a particular vein.

Food trucks have to remember, however, to be open and flexible to further changes. It’s clear that mobile payments are still in early days, but there’s been enough gain on that front to make these systems worth at least a consideration of adding. Plus, there’s also room for other payment methods like cryptocurrency to step in; one day, we may pay for our burrito with a metaphorical handful of dogecoin.

Food trucks have to be trucks first, and food second. Mobility, speed, and responsiveness are all important traits for these systems to keep on hand, and mobile payments methods are likely to be part of the action.