Proof of Stake Protocol Ouroboros Praos Accepted to Eurocrypt 2018

IOHK, a pioneering blockchain research and development company based in New York, announced that their latest research paper on Ouroboros Praos has been accepted to present at Eurocrypt 2018. This conference, taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel, is highly regarded in the cryptography community, known for its stringent peer review process and low acceptance rate.

Ouroboros Praos represents a significant advancement in blockchain technology, being the first proof of stake protocol robust enough to provide security against adaptive attackers, comparable to the security level of Bitcoin. This makes it highly scalable and suitable for widespread application.

The protocol was developed under the leadership of IOHK’s Chief Scientist, Professor Aggelos Kiayias, a renowned cybersecurity expert from the University of Edinburgh. Professor Kiayias expressed his enthusiasm about presenting their work in May, highlighting the importance of Eurocrypt as a leading conference in the field.

Ouroboros, the precursor to Ouroboros Praos, also achieved significant academic recognition, being the first proof of stake protocol peer-reviewed and accepted at a major cryptography conference, Crypto 2017.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, emphasized the significance of the acceptance, praising the robust academic process that validates the security and scalability of their protocols. IOHK prides itself on contributing to blockchain technology that could potentially serve billions of unbanked individuals worldwide.

Ouroboros is the foundational blockchain protocol for Cardano, one of the top cryptocurrencies globally by market cap. The upcoming Eurocrypt 2018, the 37th annual session, promises to be a focal point for cutting-edge cryptography research.

For further details about Ouroboros Praos and IOHK’s innovative work, you can visit their website at

About IOHK:
Founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, IOHK is a technology firm dedicated to developing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for various institutions worldwide. The company is renowned for its commitment to peer-reviewed scientific research and has a significant number of employees with advanced degrees across multiple continents.

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