Shake Shack Sets Up Android Mobile Ahead App

July 13, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

Mobile payments systems have always been a great way to speed up the line at most food service operations. It takes a step that once required human contact and automates it, which reduces the total time the system requires that much more.

Ordering was next to follow, and now, we have a growing lineup of places where you can order and pay for your food before even setting foot therein. Shake Shack is the most recent such addition to this line, with a new Android app allowing for mobile ordering.

Shake Shack turned to Olo and Fuzz—a digital ordering system provider and a mobile product agency respectively—to put the app together and make it available for users. Shake Shack already had one app, built for iOS, that was widely regarded as popular. With over 350,000 downloads and a total contribution of three percent of total sales, it was clear that Shake Shack users were a mobile-savvy bunch.

Expanding into Android, therefore, would open up the floodgates like little else. Now Shake Shack has the tools to do just that, and will likely keep adding on from here.

Olo’s founder and CEO Noah Glass noted “This new platform will further elevate both the in-Shack guest experience and take out by allowing consumers to order ahead from the convenience of either their Android or iOS device without the wait or long lines.”

Indeed, that’s the biggest reason to have mobile payments and mobile ordering functions to begin with. Consumers tend to enjoy the convenience of having hot food ready to go as they walk in the door. With burger-and-shake operations like Shake Shack, such value is only improved since it’s the kind of food that works well for take out. But it’s not just take out that improves here; imagine a fancy, sit-down operation where your food was ready when you walked in. That could be a real boost for busy patrons, ones would would “eat there if I didn’t just have an hour for lunch”, and could open up new opportunities as well.

Mobile ordering is gaining ground at many restaurants, and we’ll likely see more places add this service on just like Shake Shack. Failing to do so could cost a restaurant its market.