ETA Announces Payline as Winner of Tech Innovation Award

May 12, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Payline Data continues to propel forward with their recent honor of the so-called “Best Payment Facilitator Integration” at this year’s Electronic Transactions Association TRANSACT Conference.

The Tech Innovation Showcase Awards, the first of its kind in TRANSACT history, highlighted the latest innovations in the payments industry.

Award categories are comprised of best-in-class solutions in risk, social media integration, payment facilitator integration, and mobile.

Josh Goines, Senior Director, Consumer Choice and Global Business Development at PayPal presented the awards from the TRANSACT keynote stage on Thursday morning.

“This is a huge win and honor for the entire Payline team,” said Jeff Shea, Payline CEO and co-founder. “As the payment facilitator market continues to expand, Payline is confident in its ability to provide exceptional merchant services to payment facilitators with minimal risk and an ease-to-market option.”

Payline’s payment facilitator product, Payline I/O, is a fully suited payments API for B2B companies structured in a one-to-many model.

Payline I/O can be implemented with minimal internal development resources. Payline I/O offers a sandbox for developers to test their product prior to launching.

Justin Louie, Head of Product at Payline, adds that Payline I/O offers a unique value that other payment facilitator platforms do not.

 “Payline I/O provides software platforms the ability to control when and to whom funds are disbursed through a technique called dynamic funding,” said Louie. “While Payline I/O does support next-day funding, software platforms may have a unique workflow and desire the ability to settle funds after an event occurs. This also allows the software platform to pay themselves, and their users more quickly.”