Premier Payment Systems and Impeccable Digital Merge

April 17, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Premier Payment Systems, a payment processor with over ten solid years of experience and Impeccable Digital, a digital design, and development agency have merged to form Tidal Commerce, a merchant solutions company that focuses lending a helping hand to SMBs in order to grow and reach heights they could only imagine.

This move will serve to bring better customer service and better experience for merchants, as well as offering state of the art POS, e-commerce gateway, and terminal options.

Tidal POS has all the nifty features you’d expect with a traditional POS system but, at half the size and for a quarter of the price-merchants have the ability to manage their inventory, employees, and customers from one single interface. Not bad Tidal, not bad at all.

Built with SMBs like shops, stands, and local restaurants in mind, there is no hassle, no razzle dazzle, and it’s very easy to use with competitive rates.

In addition, Tidal POS has a built in CRM with cloud dashboard to help manage inventory and sales reports.

“We’re offering the small and medium businesses the data and functionality that is only available to the large businesses,” explains founder and CEO of Tidal Commerce, Drew Sementa . Formerly CEO of Premier Payment Systems “Many companies don’t realize the payment issues they need to consider when starting off and there are a number of hurdles they need to jump over. Our solutions are aimed at these businesses who are ready to scale, making that growth transition easier.”

“Our main difference is that we offer hardware, software, and the payment processing backend to our clients as a total value package, where competitors stick to offering plans that start low and become expensive,” explains Mark Spirek, co-founder and CEO of Impeccable Digital, now CTO of Tidal Commerce. “They play the game where they claim they can save you money, only to raise rates later. Businesses are normally locked into long contracts with really large cancellation fees if they want to leave. We’re committed to transparency and in our pricing. We don’t have any cancellation fees because we know our products, service, and support keep our merchants happily processing every month.”