Looking for a Cheaper Lawyer? Try Using Lawyer.Com’s Bitcoin Discount

August 7, 2015         By: Steven Anderson

The bad news about Bitcoin is that it’s still kind of difficult to use. It’s been a personal landmark for me that, when you can buy a gallon of gas with a certain payment platform, it’s arrived squarely in the mainstream.

Cash, credit card, debit card…even some mobile payment systems, these can all be put to work for simple, mundane items.

A recent move from Lawyer.com, meanwhile, made the cryptocurrency a lot more mainstream.

Not only did Lawyer.com start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method only days ago, but it also offered up a discount to those using it; specifically, those Lawyer.com members and clients that pay in Bitcoin get a 10 percent discount on services.

Lawyer.com’s CEO, Gerry Gorman, noted that transactions made in Bitcoin lowered costs, sped up transactions, and in general made the process flow more smoothly. Lower processing fees for Bitcoin, meanwhile, only helped from there.

Bitcoin users also get a discount on membership fees with Lawyer.com; ordinarily, the cost of a membership is $99 per month, but with Bitcoin, that price drops to $89. Those interested, meanwhile, in taking advantage of these discounts were pointed to Coinbase or Bitpay to get a free Bitcoin wallet.

Better yet, Lawyer.com isn’t even alone here; recently a former JPMorgan executive, and current CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, named Blythe Masters suggested that Bitcoin could become a part of more transactions, including the purchase of stocks, bonds, derivatives and more.

This is particularly interesting as Bitcoin essentially started life as an investment vehicle, and is still regarded as such in that way. Now we’re seeing it used more as a currency and not just as a commodity.

It’s easy to see why Lawyer.com was so interested in such a proposition; after all, anything that makes transactions move more smoothly and reduces the costs associated with taking payments is valuable. Lawyer.com, in turn, would want to encourage more use of such systems to take advantage of those benefits.

The best way to get more of a certain behavior is, of course, to subsidize it, which Lawyer.com has effectively done with its discounts. Now, more of Lawyer.com’s users—indeed, more of those who may just be in the market for a lawyer—are likely to turn to Bitcoin to take advantage of the discounts.

Only time will tell if Lawyer.com’s plan pays off, but it’s certainly a safe bet that a lot more users will be bringing Bitcoin to Lawyer.com’s online cash registers.