FAFSA Application Deadline 2024: Know About the Last Date to Apply this Year

If the individual is planning to attend a school in the United States of America and wants to get qualified for financial aid then they are required to file their FAFSA each year. this article will provide you with information related to the main dates of FAFSA. There are several ways by which individuals can pay for college in the United States of America but one of the most significant things is the free application process for federal student aid (FAFSA) that operates via the US Department of Education. 

Every year the FAFSA Application Deadline remains almost the same, this means that the application starts on the 1st of October and closes by the 30th of June. Even with such a window, it is a good idea to submit the FAFSA of the individuals as soon as possible as several schools provide funding on the basis of first come first served basis. In this article, I will be providing you with information about the main FAFSA deadlines which includes how individuals can find the deadlines of their state and college respectively, and all the materials the individual will need to submit their application form. 

FAFSA Application Deadline

In the year 2024, FAFSA is experiencing several types of significant problems after the US Department of Education has implemented various updates to the form. Some students are not able to submit the FAFSA as a result of the errors on site and several individuals are facing major delays. 

FAFSA Application Deadline Updates 

For both types of the above reasons, several students are considering submitting enrolment or making plans delayed for higher education. If the individual is concerned about the way in which FAFSA issues will impact the educational goal of the individual then they should follow certain ways by which they can stay ahead. 

  • If the individual is able to submit the FAFSA then they should do this as soon as possible and they should not wait for the deadline of late June. 
  • The individual should even check their local reports of news in order to see whether the state of the individual has made any type of special accommodation. Certain states are also working with the students in order to offer them financial assistance without submitting FAFSA. 
  • If the individual has received any letter of acceptance then they should contact the university they hope to attend and should ask about payments that are postponed or other financial options that are there for helping new students. 
  • If the individual is forced to defer enrollment then they should make use of such pause by continuing their learning with a course, professional certificate, or specialization which can help individuals in building their skill set and make them more prepared for starting the degree. 
FAFSA Application Deadline 2024: Know About the Last Date to Apply this Year

More Information about the FAFSA Deadline 

Every year the FAFSA form for the upcoming academic year becomes available on the 1st of October. This means that if the individual is planning to start college in the fall of the year 2024 then their FAFSA form will be made available on 1st October 2023 and thus it will be due on 30th June 2024 by 11:59 p.m. 

  • If the individual wishes to qualify for financial assistance in the form of federal funding, scholarships as well as grants then they should submit a FAFSA form each year when they are planning to attend the college as a graduate student, undergraduate student, or professional student.                                                       
  • If the individual has submitted their first FAFSA then they may be able to renew their application every year if the situation of the individual is not changed. 
Academic school yearAvailable FAFSADue FAFSA
2024 Fall- 2025 Spring1st October, 202330th June, 2024
2025 Fall- 2026 Spring1st October, 202430th June, 2025

Apart from the deadlines which are listed above, there are two more key FAFSA deadlines to consider while filling out the form: college and state. 

Deadline for college FAFSA 

Every college and university has a different type of financial assistance deadline however several can tend to align with the deadline of FAFSA. The individuals can find their own by looking at the financial assistance page of the school’s website. 

  • The individual should conduct a search related to their school name and their financial aid to find that resource. 
  • Several financial assistance pages even provide a list of contact information if the individual has questions that are not answered by the website. 
  • The financial assistance page is mainly the best place for finding the federal school code of the individual so the information of the person will be forwarded to the school that is appropriate to consider. 
  • If the individual cannot find this then they are needed to search online for the name of the school and the FAFSA code. 

Deadline for State FAFSA 

The last deadline that needs to be awaited is related to the FAFSA deadline of the state. FAFSA.gov provides the list of the deadline for the state which even includes US territories and Canadian provinces. 

  • With the help of student aid, several states have funds that are limited. 
  • The schools thus hand out assistance on the basis of first come first served. 
  • The individuals do not need to apply directly to their state in order to qualify for the aid. 
  • The individual is needed to submit their FAFSA by 30th June 2024. 

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