Part 3 – Bitcoin ATM Regulation

July 11, 2014         By: Payment Week

Tuesday – August 19
, 2014 – 1:00pm EST

Robocoin, Lamassu…  these bitcoin ATM providers might be coming to a city near you. They allow for the purchase of bitcoins for cash, and vice versa, and are an attractive starting point for prospective bitcoiners.

However, are bitcoin ATMs legal? We delve into the answers by looking at the regulatory framework imposed on the manufacturer, bitcoin ATM operators, and the consumer.

After attending this webinar you will take away the following:

  • Who regulates Bitcoin ATMs? Are they legal?

  • Are they a legal depository or network?

  • Who performs KYC/CIP for Bitcoin ATMs?

  • What are the regulatory pitfalls?


JordanJordan Kelley – CEO of Robocoin
Jordan Kelley is the CEO of Robocoin, the world leader in Bitcoin ATM’s with more than 40 branches in key financial markets and cultural hubs across the world. Jordan has presented Robocoin in front of members of the US Congress and the Italian Parliament. With the launch of the Robocoin Platform, Robocoin is becoming Bitcoin’s leader in remittance and wealth storage for the unbanked. Previously, Jordan graduated from Babson College and founded and Handii.




Marco Santori – Chairman Regulatory Affairs Committee

Recently described by an American Banker reporter as “the dean of digital currency lawyers,” Marco is a recognized authority in the law of digital currencies. He counsels exchanges, payment processors, institutional miners, and other companies making new and exciting uses of distributed ledger technology.




ZachZach Harvey – CEO of Lamassu

Zach Harvey is cofounder of Lamassu, the world’s leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturer. Zach previously co-owned the Bitcoin-accepting Rash Gash Guitars in Tel Aviv with his brother, Josh. In 2012, the brothers moved to New Hampshire and later that year started Lamassu with the intent of creating tools for mass acceptance of Bitcoin. Rakia, the new open source platform recently released by Lamassu, is the company’s latest step toward achieving that goal.




Moderator: Felix Shipkevich

Mr. Shipkevich is a principal of Shipkevich PLLC. His practice concentrates on futures, commodities, and derivatives regulatory, transactional, and enforcement matters. Mr. Shipkevich has a strong legal background in corporate governance, compliance, regulatory, and collateral issues associated with these areas.