Western Union, Certify Get Together for Business Payments

February 9, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Businesses make a lot of payments. That’s true for a business of most any size; just ask an accountant who’s handling deductions at tax season. But for businesses that make recurring payments, whether mobile or otherwise, Western Union and Certify recently got together to make the process a little easier for all concerned.

Certify, already well-known in the fields of automated expense management for both travel and entertainment, got together with Western Union to give a new block of users access to the Certify system. Certify already works with 10,000 companies across over 90 countries, but bringing Western Union into the fold should ramp that up considerably.

With Western Union’s massive global payments network behind it—particularly the Western Union Mass Payments application programming interface (API)—the end result is a system that can work with 45 different currencies in direct-to-bank payments. The system works with not only different currencies, but also with the various idiosyncrasies of the banking system, including different clearing systems and various settlement times.

Certify’s CEO, Robert Neveu, commented “Working with a respected leader like Western Union is the next leap forward for Certify as a worldwide provider of premier automated business expense and payment management solutions. As our customer base and company operations expand globally, Certify is especially proud to be working with Western Union to deliver the confidence and peace of mind that these complex and important transactions will always be handled accurately and efficiently.”

When a process can be made easier, or simpler, or both, it’s generally a good idea assuming the process by which it’s done doesn’t impose undue risk. It’s easy to leave one’s front door open at all times, especially in summer with a screen door. But it exposes the occupant to the risk of random, insane strangers wandering in and killing everyone in the room. So convenience must be balanced against security and other factors, a point likely not lost on Certify and Western Union.

The resulting partnership should improve the overall payments process, but without any additional risk. That’s a point that most users will likely be able to get behind, and the end result should be a nice slate of new users for the duo involved.