Payline Acquires AcceptOn

May 1, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Payline Data continues to make an impression on the payments industry with the recent acquisition of AcceptOn, and the addition of its founders, Jonathan Cordeau and David Clausen, to the Payline team.

The acquisition of AcceptOn represents another strong, strategic decision by Payline in their never ending efforts to deliver an industry-leading payments acceptance platform.

“This acquisition marks a step in the right direction toward Payline’s 2017 critical milestones,” said Jeff Shea, Payline CEO and co-founder. “Ultimately, this acquisition fuels unrivaled strategic technology integrations, data services, and software applications that help customers thrive.”

Jonathan Cordeau, the new Head of Product Marketing at Payline, expressed excitement about the acquisition and his new role with the Payline team.

“AcceptOn set out to build a product that gave merchants critical tools, which would position payments as the engine of a business, driving successful decision-making across the entire organization,” Cordeau said. “My co-founder David and I are excited to join Payline to further this work, and contribute to Payline’s future success.”

Before the wheels were in motion regarding the acquisition, AcceptOn created vendor-agnostic technology, offering merchants the ability to accept mulitple online payment methods and gather critical data across a merchant’s sales channels.

“We are excited to have AcceptOn and their founders join the Payline team, so we can continue to develop winning payments experiences,” added Shea.  “Together, we will live out our mission of empowering our employees and clients to achieve their greatest potential, while improving the world through charitable work.”