Shazia Manus Is a Shining Example for Women in Payments

March 6, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

It’s a truly inspiring story that of Shazia Manus. The story began back in Bangladesh and has since taken Des Moines by storm and has facilitated the idea that obstacles are nothing when one sets their sights on greatness.

Shazia Manus has encapsulated the true meaning of tenacity and having a goal to succeed. “As women leaders, it is crucial to have confidence in our abilities to facilitate success,” the Des Moines businesswoman said.

She currently retains the title of CEO of global payments processor TMG, and remains an advocate for women just like her with an appetite for greater things.

Manus was named a finalist for the Inspiring Women of Iowa event’s Confidence Award. This event is an observation of influential women that make up the state of Iowa, with the proceeds going to the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa. The award for Confidence, Courage, and Character is intended to honor women from all different walks of life who demonstrate these specific characteristics many girls hope to develop during their time in the Girl Scouts.

Patrick S. Jury, CEO and chairman of TMG parent company Affiliates Management Company and CUNA board chairman, commented, “Hearing Shazia talk so candidly about what it has taken for her to persevere against overwhelming odds is humbling, and at the same time absolutely inspirational. She compelled each of us…to consider how we can reshape our own paths and how we can do the same for others.”

Her life to this point has been an exemplary triumph, as she has learned to adapt, course-correct and constantly move forward. She is a shining beacon for women in the workplace, leaning in and showing what they’re capable of. She additionally lends a helping hand via the World Council of Credit Unions’ Global Women’s Leadership Network, which mentors aspiring leaders and sharing her meteoric rise in hopes of inspiring the next Shazia Manus.

The Confidence Award is given to a woman who continues to demonstrate confidence, with a positive state of mind that guides her steps and actions.

According to the award committee, confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of her body and mind and belief in her own ability, skills and experience. Something tells me that this is sure to enthrall women in the workplace. Good luck to Shazia.