Dash Forms Partnership with Wall of Coins

Dash is making headlines again as it becomes a major topic in the world of digital currencies. Recently, it’s been getting as much attention as bitcoin used to get. Dash is now challenging bitcoin and heating up the competition in digital payments. The company has teamed up with Wall of Coins, making it possible for people to buy and sell Dash at local banks and financial services.

Soon, Dash users will be able to trade this highly valuable cryptocurrency at big banks like Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, and through services like MoneyGram and Western Union.

This new partnership means Dash traders and investors can quickly turn cash into Dash — a very appealing feature. Considering how fast Dash has grown over the last year, this collaboration with Wall of Coins is crucial for its continued success.

Ryan Taylor, Dash’s Director of Finance, explained that getting started with a new cryptocurrency like Dash can be hard because you often have to sign up for an account, verify your identity, wait for approval, and transfer money from a bank, which can take days. Wall of Coins simplifies this process by letting users buy Dash instantly at many locations across twelve countries. It also supports Dash’s InstantSend feature, making transactions very fast. This gives the Dash community a new way to sell their coins, often at better rates than traditional exchanges.

Wall of Coins is an online platform that lets people buy Bitcoin and Dash with cash, or sell them for cash in a peer-to-peer format.

Robert Genito, Project Director at Wall of Coins, said, “We’re the first to let people buy Dash directly with cash and we’re the quickest market for it. It took some time, but we understand now why Dash is so significant; it’s really a wonderful addition to the industry. Even though some Bitcoin enthusiasts were initially skeptical and criticized me for supporting it, Dash aims to meet the real needs of people and businesses with instant payments, privacy, optional transparency, and fast solutions to issues.”

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