Maxpay Launches New Platform for Merchants

January 11, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Maxpay announced the official launch of their out-of-the-box payment solution for merchants, Maxpay PSP.

The platform includes a full range of services: quick and simple registration, that allows merchant start accepting payments in a few clicks, processing analytics and advanced subsystems that help merchants boost payment conversions.

Experience has shown that new online merchants can find choosing a payment system and type of integration overwhelming. Usually payment processing systems have long, complex registration processes.

Systems that take too much time, require extra involvement from developers or integration managers will negatively impact the merchant’s business. Maxpay PSP helps solve all these problems.

Along with being a complete approach, Maxpay PSP is one of the easiest solutions on the market to implement. The platform covers the needs of both small businesses that don’t have technical staff to integrate payment processing systems, and big companies who require strong analytical tools as well as tools to increase conversion and manage subscriptions,  along with their PSP.

Maxpay PSP is a payment platform for merchants that deals with their primary problems.

“When merchants first choose a PSP for their online business, they generally face the same problems of a long, difficult integration process, and a complex list of requirements and technical explanations. If they operate a small, online business, they may need to hire technical staff to integrate the system for them. After all that, most systems only have a basic set of functions that don’t include analytical features or tools to manage payment conversion. Maxpay PSP is a game changer. It is a simple, all-in-one solution that allows merchants to offer weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions; motivate customers with trials and discounts; create and provide diverse products for different locations; add currencies; and customize pages. It is also a flexible analytical tool with a full range of reports to help merchants automate billing and track their main business KPI’s. The integration process doesn’t require special knowledge or skills. We have uploaded the integration libraries to GitHub to provide merchants with completely free access to Maxpay PSP and show that our platform takes payment processing to a whole new level,” commented Artem Tymoshenko, CEO Maxpay.