Tradier Announces 75+ Investor Platforms And Advisors Integrating With Its API

July 30, 2015         By: Kelly Mena

Tradier Inc., a cloud-based financial services provider and brokerage API company, announced  Tuesday that over 75 financial technology companies are currently utilizing the Tradier API to offer new solutions for active traders and investors.

“For the first time, whether you are a large firm, startup or an investment advisor, you can now easily offer an online investing product for your user,” remarked Dan Raju, CEO and co-founder of Tradier Inc.

The integrations include established retail offerings such as eSignal and Livevol, and new players like QuantConnect and Instavest. These retail offerings are utilizing the Tradier API to enhance their platforms with direct, frictionless access to brokerage technology.

Raju went on to add, “We expand the network available for the trader and investor, giving them more choice, value and efficiency and shortening the distance between idea generation and trade execution.”

The Tradier API enables these platforms to create a one-stop-shop of financial services with seamless access to low-cost, high-value brokerage services and market data.

“What we’re seeing is that Tradier is fast becoming the de facto destination for innovative new financial services companies looking to expand their offering and reach new markets.”

Tradier Brokerage has experiences a 1,000+ percent in trades year over year. Furthermore, it’s serving as a launch pad for other innovative fintech/finserv companies to exist and grow.