Researchers in China Develop a Face Recognition Payment System

September 12, 2014         By: Ellen Red

The Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that starting 2015, people can start paying online by simply “swiping” their faces using their mobile devices.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences reported that their researchers have developed a face recognition payment system called “face swiping” – a system whereby people simply have to take a photo of themselves using their mobile devices in order to pay online.

CAS, an organization which brings together engineers and scientists from China and around the world to address both applied and theoretical problems, announced that the face recognition payment system is based on advanced global face recognition technology.

Zhou Xi, head of the “face swiping” system research team, said in a statement that the system can detect a face in only a few seconds and the accuracy rate is 99.8 percent.

According to CAS, the system can also distinguish between faces of twins and people do not have to worry if they ever gain or lose weight as the system can still detect subtle changes in faces.

According to Zhou, they are in the process of developing a mobile payment app which uses the “face swiping” technology. The head of the “face swiping” system research team said that the mobile payment app  with face swiping technology is expected to be available in 2015.

Analysis from Frost & Sullivan’s “Biometrics Go Mobile: A Market Overview,” meanwhile, revealed that the explosion of mobile payments, social media and mobile commerce worldwide will drive the need for a more secure identification to validate online transactions.

Biometrics, which include facial,fingerprint, and voice authentication technologies, can be the alternative to the traditional authentication technologies in mobile devices.