PayPal’s Powerful New Merchant Portal for Back to School and Beyond

August 25, 2014         By: Eric Wagner

There are 148 million global active PayPal accounts in 203 markets and in 26 currencies; PayPal has created an impressive new portal aptly called PassPort which takes aim to connect the globe using information in a sleek new way.

On first glance you feel the secure symmetry in the PassPort portal’s design and functionality, and immediately you begin to realize what a great big world that we can connect to.  The information is designed to help merchants connect their goods and services with foreign markets using extraordinarily relevant information.

What if you just finished a sale on back to school knapsacks on your website, and instead of marketing the prices back down you can market to a different nationality whose school year has a different start date.  Better yet, what about the 6 month shift in seasons on the opposite side of the world?

The opportunities are not only readily apparent but exciting in scope as PayPal has embedded tremendous functionality into PassPort; making it simple for business functions to be properly translated and currencies correctly calculated.

Let’s not forget the amazing trail blazed by PayPal as the world’s most people friendly payment platform.  Promoting this powerful tool is a smart move and a wonderful opportunity for almost anybody who accepts or sends payments using PayPal.

It looks like the global markets are getting just a little more local and PayPal PassPort is meant to make global seasonal selling a bit easier.