New Research Shows Mobile Payments Security Is a Big Issue for Consumers

December 19, 2014         By: Michael Cheng

A survey by One Poll and Dimensional Research indicates only one percent of respondents feel that mobile payments are safe for in-store transactions.

This could be a reason why new digital services like Apple Pay are not performing as well as expected this holiday season.

Cash took the top position as the most secure payment method in the poll.

Out of the 2,011 consumers who participated in the study, roughly 40 percent believe third party payments services such as PayPal or Google Wallet are safe for online purchases.

Dwayne Melancon, Tripwire CTO, said, “With so many retail breaches this year, it is not surprising that people are now more comfortable shopping online. However, consumers still need to be wary of where they are storing their data.”

Security assurance during the mobile checkout experience may play a key role in helping consumers adopt to new technologies.

Sixty-two percent of survey respondents feel online transactions are secure when a lock icon is present. But in reality, websites with security seals are more prone to breaches, according to a report by Stony Brook University.

Websites aren’t the only ones vulnerable to hacks. Thirty-three percent of UK retailers do not have an adequate network in place to support new payments technology, making them easy targets for security attacks.

Despite the number of credit card fraud cases worldwide, over 53 percent of UK consumers stated that payment method is generally safe for online transactions.

“Even though consumers may not be responsible for charges that are made due to fraudulent charges they still need to be vigilant. It’s very clear that retailers and card issuers cannot protect credit card users data and mitigate fraud, so consumers need to take some responsibility,” mentioned Ken Westin, Tripwire security analyst.