From Stripe to Chip – Preparing for EMV Migration

September 15, 2014         By: Payment Week

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EMV is a payment card standard for most of the world… except for the United States.

Major data breaches at national retailers highlight the need for greater security in protecting sensitive consumer details.

With the (much needed) upcoming upgrade happening in 2015, what are players in the payments industry – ranging from processors, ISOs, acquirers, banks, retailers, and consumers – doing to prepare?

We’re gathering experts in EMV and security to get their thoughts on the changeover and the upcoming effects on the payments industry at large.

After attending this webinar you will take away the following:

  • A brief overview of EMV and its benefits over traditional mag-stripe cards.
  • EMV and its place among different security initiatives including PCI-DSS.
  • The efforts in changing consumer/merchant behavior to adapt to EMV
  • The security vulnerabilities that EMV will protect against.
  • The vulnerabilities of EMV.
  • The industry security standard for payment cards.
  • The effect of EMV on the CNP market.


Jeremy Waxman – VP of Product Development at Verifi

Jeremy joined Verifi in 2012 and brings extensive software product management and payments experience to the Vice President, Product Development position.  With expertise in both product management and product marketing, Jeremy built and managed product teams, helped drive multiple platform reconstruction projects, and worked with many Fortune 500 companies in both an internal and external capacity.  He holds a BA in Journalism from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing his Executive MBA from Philadelphia University.



Lori Breitzke – Marketing Manager at VeriFone

Lori is the marketing manager at VeriFone of the North America Financial Solutions Group and is a member of the EMV Migration Forum. Her 20+ years in the payments industry and her ability to translate complex technology information into easy to understand graphic slides, makes her a dynamic and engaging presenter.




Jason Oxman – CEO, Electronic Transactions Association

Oxman brings two decades of technology and policy experience to ETA, the global trade association representing more than 500 financial and technology companies in the electronic payments industry. He joined ETA from the Consumer Electronics Association, owner of the International CES®, where he served as senior vice president of industry affairs.


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