The Mobile Banking & Payments 2016 Summit

June 22, 2016         By: Payment Week

The Mobile Banking & Payments 2016 Summit (Sep 26-27, New York), is a two-day event that brings together 150 mobile, digital, product, analytics and security executives at FIs to share best practices on building an exceptional mobile banking and payments strategy.

Over 30 executives, that head up the digital strategy at their respective organizations will share on creating mobile experiences that provide ease of usage plus extra value through additional services. Speakers include execs from the FED, JP Morgan, Capital One, AMEX, Moven, CITI and more

Core topics explored:

  1. Future of Digital Banking – Disruptions, New Opportunities & Partnerships
  2. Mobile Wallet Wars – who will emerge victorious?
  3. Omnichannel Customer Experience
  4. Digital Identity and Risk Management
  5. Data and Behavioural Analytics for Mobile
  6. Business-technology alignment and cross-functional collaboration

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