TANF Cash Help Texas May 2024: When Will You Get this Cash Help in Texas this Month?

TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families offers financial aid to individuals who are living in Texas and are experiencing several financial difficulties with almost 17215 households getting such benefits in the state. TANF is known as an aid that is provided by the Texas Health and Human Services once a year to families that are earning less income and are facing an economic downturn. This post provides information related to TANF cash help which is provided to all individuals that are meeting the criteria of eligibility. Apart from this, you will also get information related to the amount that you will be getting under this benefit amount. 

This assists individuals who are in need with cash payments to pay for clothing, food, housing, and other types of essentials. Several items of luxury along with non-essential items do not qualify as a part of such types of benefits. There is even an option of once in lifetime payment that is provided to the members of the families that are caring for the children. In order to access the benefits of TANF, the applicants should commit to the training of employment and look for work, follow the rules related to child support, and should pledge to not quit their jobs. Further, the individual also needed to pledge to not use drugs, get their children vaccinated, and take certain skills classes in parenting to make sure that they visit school. 

TANF Cash Help Texas May

Individuals can apply for the TANF Cash Help online through the Texas Benefits or by visiting the nearby HHSC benefits office. An individual is needed to meet the criteria of eligibility for getting this help. There is a maximum income limit for a month in order to qualify for TANF which mainly depends on the family size or number of individuals that need care. 

Monthly TANF Cash Help in Texas

In case when the individual has a single child the maximum amount provided each month is $64. If the individual qualifies then they can expect a payment of $ 107 each month. In the case of a family that has two members, the rise is $153. Further, in the case of a family of three members, the amount rises to $215. If the family has four members  then the payment amount rises to $256. On the other hand, if the family has five members then the payment amount rises to $329.  

  • The highest income that is available which allows a home with two parents along with two caretakers includes $268. 
  • This individual can thus claim the increased amount of $444 that is available from TANF. 
  • The TANF Cash Help of $1000 is even provided to certain relatives who are caring for either one or more related children. 
  • Such kind of assistance can be provided to relatives only a single time despite the number of related children living in the home. 
  • This payment can be used for purchasing food, housing, clothing, utilities, furniture, phone, transportation, laundry, medical supplies, supplies for home, and other types of basic needs.
  • The other relatives which are can be provided this payment single time include grandparents, uncles, aunts, sisters, and brothers. 
TANF Cash Help Texas May 2024: When Will You Get this Cash Help in Texas this Month?

Who is Eligible for TANF Cash Help

Families that have children that are either 18 years old or older are provided this assistance. Families who can get this assistance should have either little or no money and should not have a way to earn money. A family can be either the parent and their children or it can be relatives that are caring for their related children. In order to see if a family can receive TANF Cash Help it is important to note the following:

  • The amount of income or money that the family has is considered. 
  • Apart from this, the value of things that the family owns or is paying for is also considered for becoming eligible for getting the TANF Cash Help. 
  • Further, the amount the family is paying for the care of their child as well as for their child support is also considered while deciding the eligible individuals. 

Maximum limits of monthly income 

In this section, I have provided the information related to the maximum limit of income provided every month. A certain individual can be able to receive these benefits even when their income is more than what is provided in the chart. 

Size of the familyChild-only casesHome with 1 parent or 1 caretakerFamily with 2 parents or 2 caretakers

If the parent of the child or a relative received this TANF benefit then it becomes very important for them to agree on the following things: 

  • They should not quit their job.
  • They should train for a job and should look for work.
  • Follow the rules related to child support. 
  • Not consume alcohol or drugs. 
  • Get their children vaccinated. 
  • Take classes related to parenting. 
  • Make sure that the children are going to school every day.

Maximum amount of TANF Cash every month

Size of the familyChild-only casesFamily with 1 parent or 1 caretakerFamily with 2 parents or 2 caretakers

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