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uKit is an easy to use, simple and effective tool to create websites for businesses.

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One of the younger website building offerings available, uKit was created in 2015 by industry veterans behind uCoz (another website builder). At first glance, the website for uKit is simple and unassuming, lacking a lot of the in-your-face qualities that other similar services portray. Granted, this does provide a more professional feel to the site, so those looking to build a website might feel at ease when viewing uKit. Here we will break down the no-nonsense offering to let you know if it’s worth your time.

Pros Cons
Great blogging and eCommerce offerings. Poor customer service. Inability to reach people often.
Templates that are mobile device friendly. Lack of public forum.
Unique features like creating a page from Facebook information. Young company with no real reputation against established services.
A great website building tool for the technically challenged.
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Pricing options are on par with the options available from other sites.

$5.00 for a monthly plan
$4.75 a month for a 3-month plan
$4.50 a month for a 6-month plan
$4.00 a month for a yearly plan
$3.50 a month for a two year plan
Free of advertisements
Access to 200+ professional templates
Mobile-friendly site
Unlimited text notifications
Unlimited site pages
Unlimited domains/Connecting domains
24/7 support
Hosting and backups provided
Web statistics provided
Unlimited visitors
Premium +
$10 for a monthly plan
$9.50 a month for a 3-month plan
$9.00 a month for a 6-month plan
$8.00 a month for a yearly plan
$7.00 a month for a two year plan
Premium plan features
Google Analytics goals
Live chat
Premium templates
$15 for a monthly plan
$14 a month for a 3-month plan
$13.33 a month for a 6-month plan
$12 a month for a yearly plan
$10.50 a month for a two year plan
Premium + plan features
Custom color schemes and code

It also pays to note that you can pay uKit $50 to have them create a website for you. The whole process would take two weeks at most. While this can be a helpful offering for those who don’t want to take the time to build out a site, the website doesn’t really offer much information on the process before prompting you to sign up.

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uKit offers their fair share of features, though not all of them jump out at you at first glance. One criticism that can be levied against the site is the lack of information about the available features.

The uKit blogging tool is a great example of this, as it is not presented as a feature. It must be added to your created site through the “News” page. Once you do this the page works the same as an other blog. There are standard SEO settings for each post you make. You can add social media buttons to posts. Since the service is based in Europe/Russia the social media sites would be in that region mainly.

The service has two eCommerce offerings, one from uKit and one third party offering. The main offering doesn’t have an online payment option, meaning all payments would have to be offline, making a convenience normally found on other sites missing here. The argument here is that the service is new and isn’t a complete offering.

The other eCommerce option is through Ecwid, an established online store. It’s been used with multiple other website builders, which means it might give your online store the same look as others in existence. However, the build and operability of Ecwid is solid and can serve your eCommerce needs as well as any.

While it may not be important to some, uKit does give a level of optimization to your typical online form. Surprisingly, many online form offerings don’t allow for much in the way of customization, often limiting how many fields exist. uKit gives you the ability to add as many fields as necessary. The only drawback is you can’t alter the look of your form, which may give it a sore thumb feel.

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uKit makes strides to offer a fuller experience throughout your creation process. To one side of your screen are your options for design and website building. This can make the creation aspect unobtrusive if you’re familiar with other services. This can help you create your website in a faster manner while maintaining creative control.

One unique way to create your website through uKit is by using your Facebook page to generate a created website. This is a function that sets uKit apart from other services as it could finish your website in a fraction of the time.

Another function that sets uKit apart from others is their prominent undo/redo functionality. Unlike Wix (a service that makes you manually redo or undo actions), uKit provides you with a redo/undo function. Outside of this, uKit also allows you to save entire builds of your website to load should you want to reset your site.

uKit offers a preview feature that can allow you to view your site in desktop mode, tablet mode, and smartphone mode. You can also view your website in portrait or landscape mode through mobile device previews.

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uKit has a standard offering of customer service with an FAQ, a uKit blog and email. One aspect that the customer support is sorely lacking in is a public customer forum. The company is relatively young and might not have enough clout with their customer base to be able to put up such an outlet. There is also no live chat feature which effectively hinders your ability to talk to an actual person.

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