We here at Payment Week are no strangers to services and systems. As such, we are fully confident in our ability to assess each company honestly, and with integrity. We have rated each company fairly, and based all of our reviews on testimony from both consumers and company executives alike. Our hope is that this review page will expedite the process for merchants, allowing them to take our ratings into consideration and make a responsible decision on behalf of their business’ interest.


Advertising Disclosure

In accordance with the nature of our service, we are designed to partner with any and all of the companies that are reviewed on our page, and therefore may gain profit from a click or call to the company from our site. Though we stand to profit from company partnerships, this in no way implies a single company can buy itself a favorable rating on our list.

Furthermore, we abstain from manipulating and inflating a company ranking for means of profit. The ratings are ultimately unbiased, and impartial. The rankings are calculated solely by our reviewer's extensive research and surveillance of the service’s accomplishments and progress.

Businesses don’t like to mess around when it comes to their company websites. As such, we don’t mess around when we evaluate site-building services. We do not pull any punches when we critique website building solutions because they are a large part of your bread and butter nowadays. Some excel more than other, and sometimes it’s painfully obvious when a solution is left wanting. We’ve cut through the red tape and compiled a list of website building solutions that have either made the grade or failed to do so.