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The Chase Plaza
South Tower, Suite 2010
189 S. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
Epos Now is the leader in cloud POS. We have helped over 30,000 businesses to grow, and have built our business on our reputation for exceptional customer service.

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Epos Now is one POS to consider if you are a proprietor of a restaurant looking to make transactions a little less stressful. Epos is based in the UK and it really highlights its service as “easy to use.” That should come as a relief for those looking for an operating system that is relatively simple to understand and manage long term. Since its inception with the help of CEO Jacyn Heavens back in 2011, Epos Now has taken the scene by storm, boasting servicing 30,000 businesses in over 100 countries around the world. Not to shabby, right? But would that sprawl be enough to satisfy the folks at Epos Now? Don’t count on it. The truth is Epos Now is far from its final form, with plans to expand even further. In recent times, the company has experienced 150 percent year on year growth, with it currently ranked as the UK’s 13th fastest growing tech company.

Epos Now also has a hand in U.S. based clients via their branch stationed in Orlando, Florida. This brings us to our first negative tidbit about Epos Now, which is that the claim is—U.S. based clients aren’t as accessible to the customer support based in the UK. It might seem strange considering an ocean between the two shouldn’t be enough of an excuse for the customer support to leave the U.S. branch stranded. Nevertheless, this might be something you want to consider if you are located in the U.S. Epos also boasts some impressive high profile names like Disney Pictures, Universal, and Yankee Candle.

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Let’s talk about how much Epos Now is going to cost your business. Epos Now is a subscription run service. This is pretty standard considering the nature of the service. Merchants are expected to pay a month-to-month rate to leverage their software and to receive product updates.

There is one caveat with this system, and that is that technical support does not come with the subscription. In order to receive full support, merchants are expected to an additional sum, ranging between $34 and $54 monthly to opt-in to the service.

Obviously this is a massive pain in the neck for the merchant, and I have to say as someone reviewing these services, find it absurd to not include the cost of the support in the original monthly payment.

How many merchants out there are willing to lone wolf it, and are completely confident in the system they’re using without any cause for concern? I’m going to go out on a limb and say MAYBE a handful.

Every other sane-minded merchant knows that they are not tech wizards and will once and a while needs to call for help. It is at this critical moment that the customer service is most vital to the merchant, and not having it easily accessible is an actual nightmare for the restaurant manager. Sorry if this sounds like a rant at this point, I just can’t understand the logic behind not offering your consumer the customer support they so desperately require within the whole package. Perhaps as a saving grace, Epos Now offers a 30 day trial of the service for free, no credit card necessary.

Here is the pricing breakdown:

Standard - $39/mo
$24/additional register
Unlimited Products
Cloud Reporting
Email Support
 Help with Setup
Premium - $69/mo
$45/additional register
Unlimited Products
Cloud Reporting
24/7 Phone Support
Account Management
Enterprise - Contact for Quote
Must contact for additional register quote
Unlimited Products
Enterprise Reporting
Onsite Support
 Enterprise Account Management
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So speaking about features and operability in relation to Epos, keep in mind that the system operates via the Cloud. All of the store’s information lands in Epos Now’s servers. Meaning you can access your back office pretty much anytime you want, from everywhere virtually. Lets dig deeper to see just how Epos Now operates—the service comes with a plethora of built-in features to support most merchants sufficiently, we can say that much for it. This set of features is pulled directly from the Epos Now website, and thoroughly details all of the bells and whistles attached to the service.

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We mentioned customer support earlier in the review, and you pretty much got my stance on it as a whole. But more specifically, you’re given two pricing tiers that depending on which you choose, decides which form of customer service you’re entitled to. I personally hate this structure because it essentially forces the merchant into a package they don’t necessarily need, just don’t want to risk being without.

Overall, I like the service. But that customer support idea is absolutely asinine—bringing my rating to 7 out of 10.

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