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PayPal Here is a payment solution for small businesses, allowing businesses to accept credit cards, checks and PayPal on Apple devices.

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PayPay Here saw its creation back in 2012 when mobile payments were a relatively new concept to many. This idea came in response to companies like Square and PayAnywhere flipping the script with pay-as-you-go, individual mobile payment processing accounts—capitalizing on the surprising high demand for these types of services. It rapidly caught pace, and became a mainstay in the space, with the brand recognition of PayPal to boot, in addition to the funding in its corner, PayPal Here was sure to be met with minimal resistance. The brand alone is reason enough to get behind this mobile payment option if nothing else. If you have ever purchased something via eBay, there’s pretty good odds you used PayPal to do so. Which stands to reason that if you have a mobile device or a computer, you are liable to stumble across the PayPal Here brand eventually. The fact of the matter is there is no escaping the brand at the moment, and the 192 million plus active accounts and 8 million merchants claiming that they leverage its processing service only solidifies that notion. Within its division specifically geared toward merchant services, the company boasts a totally comprehensive suite of services, from the mobile POS app, and online card processing to business financing. Not to mention its efforts in POS partnerships, as well as other integrations. It is worth mentioning that PayPal is no longer within the loving arms of eBay, Inc. But this hasn’t done much to harm its expansive enthusiasm, and has shown signs of promise in the mobile space. One thing that can definitely be said to the credit of PayPal is its commitment to merchant satisfaction. In all three areas—in person, online, or mobile, payments follows you everywhere you go. As it stands though, in terms of PayPal Here specifically, it has not done enough as a separate entity to earn the title of a completely comprehensive mPOS app in comparison to close competitors. But with a name like PayPal backing it, it will always stand a chance. It is up there with the likes of Square, but it lacks the features that you’d expect with such a revered brand name attached to it. You will see how my rating stacks up throughout the categories of the review.

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The pricing model is pretty fair considering it is a mobile payments service that encompasses the PayPal experience on the whole. There aren’t serious commitments to evaluate because the company thrives on easy account openings and closings. You are free at any time to close your PayPal account or just stop accessing the PPH app for processing and keep your regular PayPal account on hand for simple online transactions. There are no severe early termination fees or stipulations in the merchant’s agreement. This is actually a huge leg-up for PayPal Here when you consider the industry standard is a three-year agreement non-negotiable, with a $300-$400 termination fee if you intend to break contract. It makes my review of the pricing all the more favorable. In addition, some of the smaller scale mobile processors have attached a non-activity fee to their services. So you can say one thing without a shadow of a doubt—PayPal Here will not burn you with cancellation fees like some of its competitors in the market.

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PayPal Here is not short of features to garner the favor of numerous merchants looking for a few extras to go along with the service they sign up for. It offers all of the features you’d expect from your typical mPOS service, but with the extras that can only come with a name like PayPal behind it.

Here are just a few of the features included-

  • Free mobile app download is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 8.1.
  • Various discounts are offered, as PayPal Here supports the option to add discounts once you’re in the checkout stage if a sale is currently applicable.
  • There is mobile credit and debit processing always-available accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AmEx cards. And get this, you cab even accept cross-border cards for an additional fee.
  • The ability to customize tax and tip options comes with the service. As is seen with many other mPOS systems, yet serving a very crucial purpose for many merchants. The tip feature makes it possible to let you add optional tips to every order and offer an appropriate rate by percentage.
  • The flexible refund option with the primary PayPal Here account, sending refunds right within the app.
  • The ability to accept chip-and-PIN, NFC and magstripes with PayPal’s Bluetooth chip card reader is a nice feature with the service. As it happens, the overall cost for the feature is approximately $150, but when you consider the prospect of processing over $3,000 within 3 months after activation, PayPal will reimburse you $100.
  • The convenience of managing multiple users under one single account. This mean that if you have a team of users, you can create secondary accounts and assign permissions PayPal boasts the ability to create 1,000 such accounts with non additional charge attached. This is one of the features that boosted up in our assessment of the service overall. Some competitors opt to charge the user for this feature.
  • Invoicing is another feature that PayPal Here prides itself on. This comes with the broader PayPal business account; however, you can send invoices to customers via the web, or straight to their PayPal Here app.
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As far as POS systems go, PayPal Here is as simple as they come. It offers mobile debit and credit processing, as well as onsite options. Not much to it, thankfully. In this industry, if there is little to be said in terms of negative remarks, it is usually a good sign. It is definitely merchant friendly, and that should please many who acquire PayPal’s service. The best part about it is you have a name like PayPal to back you up whenever you need some assistance. It is a standard POS platform that offers a multitude of processing options and the seamlessness is accounted for.

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So now that we have talked features, lets move on to a component that is often times a catalyst for merchants of any size, customer support. For PayPal Here’s service, you’ll actually be using PayPal’s main support system. Some of the most important highlights of PayPal Here’s customer support include: an ample resource center, community forum, and quick answers. One major facet to their customer support services that does not live up to the illusive PayPal reputation is the phone/email options. Customer reviews have detailed the spotty response time via phone and email outreach. This is obviously a concern considering those are two main avenues a merchant would pursue in order to reach a PayPal representative. This is one of the major reasons I could not in good conscience grant PayPal Here a higher rating of 8 out of 10. To avoid this issue altogether, it might be wise to try and find the answer to your questions in the forum section where your question is more than likely to have been answered already. We realize that shouldn’t be the end-all, be-all to the issue you’re having, but you may not have a choice with PayPal Here depending on whether or not they feel like answering the phone.

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