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10 Fawcett Street, Suite 204
Cambridge, MA 02138

PaySimple provides a SaaS-based online payment solution that offers integrated invoicing and payment acceptance in one system.

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PaySimple is a bit of a conundrum. It is a quality service, but there are a few smoke and mirrors involved. At first glance, the website seems very approachable and accommodating, but that is the tip of the iceberg—there’s more to it than at first meets the eye.

For the record, this service is a perfect fit for merchants who are looking for advanced billing features, but may be lacking in technological know-how. PaySimple offers a suite of cloud-rendered software to help you accept payments, monitor customer information, bill customers, and establish recurring or automatic payment systems-all individualized to your and your business, you do nothing. That much most people can get behind, no doubt. Also, problems regarding shopping cart integration if you don’t particularly want to. The majority of the billing system can be run directly through cutting edge, seamless payment pages designed to collect payment data.

One other thing about PaySimple that is not taken for granted with this type of service is its commitment to customer support. They really go the extra mile to help or train you for the operating system. There were however some issues when it came to mediating funding problems or risk assessment in relation to their processors, North American Bancard and National Processing Company. As it currently stands, you can set up an account for card-present transactions via PaySimple, but the question becomes: why would you knowing that isn’t their specialty? If you’re looking to accommodate a few swiped transactions here and there with the mobile reader, that is actually more than fine. However, if you’re looking to make high volume card-present transactions, PaySimple does not make sense for you at all.

PaySimple is always in expansion mode, as it only recently expanded their offerings to include a PaySimple Pro plan that meets the expectations of many small businesses, as well as a more expensive PaySimple Enterprise plan that is designed for high-volume sales merchants specifically. Another mark against PaySimple is how they still do not offer interchange-plus pricing, however, the new enterprise plan comes with a high-volume discount and various other features otherwise missing from the Pro plan. Some have disclosed that they feel the monthly subscription rate is too high, but this is without taking into consideration that you’re not only paying for the processing service, you’re also pay for gateway access, the cloud software suite, and exceptional customer service. For all intensive purposes I give PaySimple, in its current state, a 7/10 with hopes it can remedy its ailments to climb the ranks in the merchant account space. I just call them how I see them folks, no need for the glaring eyes.

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PaySimple currently offers three separate service plans, they include: BookSimple, PaySimple Pro, and PaySimple Enterprise as previously mentioned in the overview. As it stands, the BookSimple plan is free, however includes the BookSimple online appointment scheduling software and nothing more. The standard PaySimple pro arrangement is designed as a general use plan and costs $49.95 per month and includes payment processing, customer data management, billing automation, and a suite of other cool features.

Of course, the BookSimple appointment booking software comes with the PaySimple Pro package. Transaction fees are advertised via PaySimple’s company page—some as low as 2.49%+$0.29 per transaction. Alternatively, a flat $0.55 for ACH or eCheck transactions, and is the qualified card-not-present rate.

Although PaySimple promotes transparency on their website, they are trustworthy when it comes to disclosing overall rates. They are however a little bit expensive in comparison to the other competition, but it’s a bit off a trade off when you consider the stellar service. The $40 monthly fee might sound pretty steep, but if you remember that many other providers will charge you $15 approximately in admin fees plus $20 in gateway fees, and that’s not even taking into account PCI compliance fees, etc.

  PaySimple Pro Enterpribse

Monthly Subscription $49.95 / mo + transaction fees $99.95 / mo + transaction fees
Credit Card Processing As low as 2.49% + 29¢ Contact for Quote
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Some of the illustrious features include recurring billing, which was the catalyst for the majority of the PaySimple platform, therefore, this feature is one the company holds in very high regard. E-invoicing is also highly touted for the transactions that are not recurring. Online reporting and ACH payments are also highlighted. Using the PaySimple system, you can encourage clients to pay with eCheck rather than credit or debit cards which is positive considering eChecks are less expensive to process than credit or even debit sometimes. Customer communication has to be included in the list; you can create various customized and branded communication forms to help maintain customer relationships. You can also manage customer info and easily import and export data. The POS also needs to be mentioned, even though it isn’t PaySimple’s forte.

PaySimple is a provider that does things a little bit differently. PaySimple prides itself on their suite of software and services. So if you’re set on customizable payment forms, a customer communication system that can’t be beat, and a way to collect and store customer data, PaySimple is the provider for you. It’s not even a question. This company can easily elevate itself higher to an 8 or 9/10, it just needs to upgrade in the necessary areas first.

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The ease of use in the PaySimple platform is transparent enough, but there is some issues that need ironing out. PaySimple offers easy data entry and import feature which is a major credit to its seamlessness. The PaySimple system’s design prompts easy collaboration with accounting, CRM, and other software because the company knows the software outside of the PaySimple suite may be more appropriate for you. The weakness in the system is the POS, they have the ability to support you for card present and storefront transactions, just not much else. This may cause a headache for people looking for a one-stop shop. There are plenty of other up to snuff POS systems that may be the right fit for you.

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In accompaniment with fantastic features PaySimple boasts, customer support is a major focus of PaySimple. They have a fantastic turnover rate when it comes to inquiries from their valued customers. They have a habit of solving problems fairly quickly, even when complaints stretch to third party sites like the Better Business Bureau. We have also noted that justifiable refunds are issued pretty regularly, and without much resistance, if at all. There were a few complaints here and there that would suggest otherwise, but on the whole we found, through extensive research, the general consensus is that PaySimple takes care of its customers. Please clap. But hey, call us liars, let our comment section be your own “airing of grievances.” PaySimple really pushes the unlimited training and support. We advise patience when it comes to getting the hang of the operating system. After all, this will be taking care of a large part of your financial tracking and responsibilities. So allow for a learning curve and go straight to the source when you are experiencing an issue. Put their claims to the test, and let us know what your experience was.

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